Instagram Threads Is Coming To The US And UK But Not The EU

The hype surrounding Instagram Threads continues to peak as we speak and people in the US and the UK are setting their eyes on the launch that’s expected to arise tomorrow.

But the same news would not be applicable to those in the European Union who are being told to sit and watch in silence while other people sign up.

The news was announced by The Independent today who confirmed reports with the DPC today that Threads has not been given the green signal. And we’re not quite sure if and when it will.

But those in the UK will be able to use and make the most of the rollout as the country simply does not follow any privacy laws of the European Union after it opted to take the route of Brexit. Moreover, a similar scene ensued in terms of Google Bard which was recently rolled out across the United Kingdom without any trouble, despite it being banned for a launch in the EU region.

As per a recently published report, the top regulator from Ireland is not the one who opted to block Instagram Threads from conducting its launch across the EU. Instead, it’s actually tech giant Meta who has chosen to halt its release in this location because it feels it has its fair share of work to do in terms of making it compliant with laws in the EU related to privacy.

The problem with Instagram Threads seems to be the fact that it’s going to takin in data through the app entailing topics like location, health, search, and more. Moreover, the DPC reportedly prevented the company from rolling out ads on the app that take in data through both the Facebook as well as WhatsApp platforms.

While it’s necessary to wait a little more to see how the entire rollout takes place with Threads, people are getting excited that a new archrival is arriving in the market. Moreover, there is a countdown that’s being spoken about in terms of a launch which uses QR codes so that scans can be done using a device so that you can install any mobile application.

The page reserved for downloads on Threads includes pre-order buttons for a free iOS application while you’ll find a coming soon feature across the Play Store.

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