EU Restricts Meta From Taking Users’ Data By Introducing New Limits For Personalized Ads

The European Union is known for its stringent rules and regulations and its latest target seems to be Facebook’s parent firm, Meta.

The EU is introducing more laws to try and limit the company from making use of its users’ data to achieve personal gains. And by that, we mean saying hello to new restrictions.

The courts in the region recently passed a new rule where Meta would now be required to take on consent before it could use anyone’s data for its own gains. This includes some sort of approval, even if it's linked to rolling out personalized in the region. Moreover, such personalized ads would not be able to justify the whole processing dilemma related to data volumes without taking on permission from others as per this latest incident.

For now, Meta is yet to comment on the matter. But by the looks of it, things seem to be final as confirmed by a statement from the WSJ today which says that the tech giant is in the process of reviewing the new law and would soon be commenting on it too.

As it is, Facebook’s parent firm has opted to turn back to the court of law and appeal a staggering fine imposed on it by the EU that’s worth 390 million Euros or $425 million. This was in regard to all of Meta’s leading apps requiring its users to say yes to any form of personalized ads if they wish to continue using its network.

The governing body says it provided such a law so that consent was made a priority and also because it felt Meta was in clear violation of the GDPR because it opted for things like data through ad targeting, only so users could use their apps on the most simple level. Moreover, such rulings also added that site operators showcase which people were willing to provide permission and which were not.

The matter is prevalent in a bigger court ruling that speaks about regulators having to do with competition at the local level. This entails the Cartel Office in Germany which is allowed to give rise to compliance among other such things while taking into consideration antitrust episodes of a similar kind.

When you put things simply, the nation would be able to decide which areas were involved in breaking rules and how it would serve as evidence for the behavior of a non-competitive nature.

As you can probably guess by now, such decisions are quite unclear and it’s yet to be determined how officials would interpret such cases and the laws in their daily dealings.

Other experts feel the tech giant would soon be asking for permission to give personalized ads to users across its various apps because that’s the only way out. Hence, only time can tell what the final verdict would be. But one thing is for sure. The EU is not backing down, anytime soon.

The goal seems to be enhancing the privacy of users without causing major damage to the firm’s overall revenue. But as we all are well aware, most tech firms generate profits through personalized ad targeting. And Meta has three leading apps that are in demand. They include WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

As it is, it’s already suffered an incredible amount of loss when Apple allowed its iPhone users to reject ads and their respective tracking. So as you can see, this might serve as just another major blow that hits all individuals across the European Union, no matter what type of devices they’re making use of right now.

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