Snap’s New Partnership with Linktree Will Allow Users To Showcase Their Work And Profiles On Snapchat

Snap is making a major collaboration with Linktree that’s designed to give users the chance to showcase their offerings and profiles via the Snapchat platform.

The company went public with the news recently regarding how it was really keen on this new endeavor and can’t wait to see people’s reactions entailing the useful integration.

We know that it’s a feature that was a long time coming and one that people had requested for ages. But now seems to be the right time to say hello to the addition of link additions to profiles belonging to creators.

So far, we know that brands were being given the chance to take on this ordeal and Snap Stars too who are the platform’s biggest and top content creators, and hence, they had special benefits that the rest of us didn’t.

But thankfully, things are finally changing and we’re seeing the company shed light on how the collaboration would enable those with public accounts to add a link to their Linktree. So far, the company has only enabled those above the age of 19 to have public profiles.

To avail, users can click on their accounts, press edit, and then click on the option for Linktree. This would add their Linktree or any other desirable URL. similarly, it would make way for anyone and everyone to use another URL too if needed. But we know that by the looks of it, Linktree seems to be giving the company’s profiles enhanced visibility for the service.

In the same way, this new tool that’s added to the user’s bio would enable creators to showcase their profiles across the page on Linktree through the addition of social icons as well as a button that features the term, ‘Add me on Snap’. Similarly, you can add any other catchy phrase that you’d like as well. It all depends on you. And if that was not enough, the company is giving users the chance to include Linktree across their share sheet on the Snap app through means like default.

We can see how such an integration is really something worth raving about for obvious reasons because you also get to avail of Linktree’s three-month exclusive subscription to their premium Pro service. This would entail some more features such as email and a collection of phone numbers. Similarly, you can add tweets and even embed your content for YouTube as well.

During this year’s start, we saw the firm take on the expansion of the program and share more sources for advertising revenue through the likes of creators that fulfilled the criteria of eligibility. This was linked to the figure of followers and how many views they got through Snaps. Similarly, we saw the firm roll out a feature to launch Stories in a public manner so users could share them with the masses instead of just those on their lists for followers.

And now, the company is also thinking about the addition of payment services as well that would turn this into a more exciting app for creators.

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