New Threat Linked To Starlink Satellites Issued As SpaceX Makes More Moves To Avoid Collisions In Orbit

Starlink satellites are the talk of the town but this time around, Elon Musk’s famous SpaceX firm is being called out for the wrong reasons.

The company is reportedly making thousands of moves to avoid collision incidents from taking place in space, new reports have gone on to show. And these types of maneuvers to avoid such activities from taking place are definitely raising eyebrows.

Remember, the space present in the lower areas of the Earth’s orbit is definitely more crowded and experts fear that this could signal how we’re near to a catastrophe from arising. And it’s not the best feeling in the world.

The orbits of SpaceX are really making a huge number of maneuvers as reported during the end of 2022. We know that the satellites carried out the orbit nearly 25,000 times in just six months, that’s December of last year to May of this year. The FTC reported the findings and the firm dived down deep into how it makes use of thresholds to gauge such matters.

SpaceX also delineated more about how the chances of a collision taking place might be more with SpaceX involved because it moves when the ratio in question is 1:100,00. But the opposite seems to be true for NASA who tends to move when the ratio is near to 1:10,000.

Still, the company really does take its fair share of precautions in the form of actions that prevent such incidents from arising. They’ve got the right tracks in place when the growth of its constellations arises. And most of the time, SpaceX reports the addition of close to 457 satellites that are constantly orbiting.

But we know that SpaceX does not happen to be the only firm in question that has major plans to create a mega constellation around the orbit. In cases when its plans are failing, there are so many other objects located in space that are known to be doing the same by the decade’s end.

If that was not dramatic enough, we are hearing more news about how SpaceX’s satellites were accused of releasing more electromagnetic radiation that may affect the world of astronomical research as was detected through sensitive technology.

But the company is in talks with experts regarding these emissions and has already made huge plans to try and limit such things from taking place in the future.

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