Mark Zuckerberg Expresses Optimism For Threads As Tens Of Millions Of Users Return To Use The App Daily

It’s optimism at peak for Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg who recently spoke about how many millions of individuals are coming back to return and make use of the app on a daily basis. The news is fabulous for a platform that has been launched just 14 days back and is serving as a true rivalry for Twitter.

A post was published on Monday where Zuckerberg mentioned through Threads how he was very happy with the progress being made so far and how well the entire community is uniting to make it a true success. Moreover, as per the latest stats, he did explain how growth is at its peak and currently, we’re seeing a peak of accelerating momentum amid all the chaos.

But most importantly, we have tens of millions of users who return to the platform on a daily basis and that is superseding his expectations. Moreover, he mentioned how the focus for this platform would continue to be enhancing the stats for the success of Threads while making sure it peaks in terms of functions and manages great retention across the board.

It’s definitely going to take a while to stabilize but after that does take place, the focus would remain on making sure the community achieves great growth, he added. For him, running a playbook several times on Meta’s apps is also quintessential as he feels super confident regarding Threads taking the path for success each step of the way.

The comments arising from the Meta CEO come at a time when there is great rivalry for Musk as well as Twitter and there is a clear intensification regarding the Threads launch as well.

Mark Zuckerberg did explain how following a clean-cut business model with zero room for nonsense helped in getting Threads the success it deserved including the uprising of more than 100 million users in just seven days. This is all thanks to the link that Threads shares with Instagram and that is what set the pace to cinch ahead from companies like the makers of ChatGPT, which is OpenAI.

At the launch, we saw Elon Musk take several integral measures that were designed to really upstage usage linked to the Twitter platform as there was great fear that perhaps Threads would take away its userbase. Therefore, last week, Musk rolled out a new feature that would give Blue Subscribers the benefit of attaining revenue share from ads.

At the launch, we saw Twitter take a hard hit as more people flocked to Threads over Twitter and hence a direct effect on the app’s traffic was seen. But wait, it’s not all gold for Threads and Meta knows that.

The launch came with its fair share of problems and that includes a wide range of spam attacks that continue to pick up the pace while speaking. Therefore, Adam Mosseri announced the unfortunate decision of adding rate limits on posts so which means users would be restricted to how many posts they can view in a certain day.

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