Apple’s Move Into India May See 15% Growth In The Company’s Revenue And 20% Rise In Users

Tech giant Apple has plenty of big things in store as the Cupertino-based firm makes its way into India.

Stats prove how the decision is definitely going to be in the company’s best interest as experts predict a massive growth in both users and revenue.

We’re talking analysts going as far as predicting a whopping growth comprising a 20% rise in users and a 15% increase in total revenue. The news comes to us thanks to experts at Morgan Stanley who revealed through a note that was published on Monday that Apple is really planning some major things.

The company is seeing this investment as a huge deal as it makes way to allocate more resources for manufacturing in the country, amid an economic boom that the country is going through.

We’re also going to see a rise in prices which could shift from 190 to 220 dollars, confirmed the experts. The forecast made would be spread over a five-year period and the nation may soon account for a staggering 15% rise in the company’s growth as compared to the 2% that we’re seeing occur over the last few years.

Coming down to predictions for a growth in revenue, we’re going to see a forecast that comprises $40 billion in the next decade and that would be equal to the tech giant making the most of an entirely unique domain regarding its products.

The rise in revenue would be based upon a few factors that the experts took into consideration. This includes enhancing electric resources in the country and the company’s drive to create a unique production and retail ordeal in the Indian nation.

Meanwhile, the experts at the analyst firm even carried out their own survey where the results proved how so many Indians are willing to purchase iPhones with even greater fervor now than before. Moreover, we’re also hearing more about how experts were also seen mentioning how if India does not meet the target of getting sufficient growth in the economic and demographic domain, then there is no point.

On that note, they wouldn’t see the leading iPhone maker as being an integral beneficiary in the country.

But this is just one company’s prediction. It’s going to be interesting to see how things turn out in the next few years as anything is possible.


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