Meta’s Threads App Cracks Down On Spam And Bots With Rate Limits As User Complaints Increase

If you are a new user of the Threads app by Meta, then we’re sure you might be facing a whole lot of difficulties in gaining access to the platform recently.

But don’t worry, the problem isn’t on your end but one that’s related to the company itself, which has opted to follow in its rival Twitter’s footsteps.

Threads is now forced to get rid of spam and bots by enforcing rate limits and that’s certainly not something that experts or users obviously saw coming by miles.

It’s just been 14 days since the app experienced a fiery rollout with junk coming in from all directions. Moreover, users have been sending out complaints regarding the matter since day one and now it appears that extreme situations call for desperate measures such as these.

The news was confirmed by the app’s head Adam Mosseri who mentioned how spam and junk attacks were on the rise and the platform was going to have to get its act together if it wished to perform as usual. Hence, he called for rate limits where active people might not be seeing as many posts as they would prefer, Mosseri explained in his recent post on Instagram.

This just might be something that the company had always feared to begin with. After all, it’s quite similar in functioning to Twitter so seeing such news break out is not at all astonishing, one expert revealed.

The rate-limiting tactic means that traffic would be restricted from various accounts that are handled by those whose goal is to spread nothing but spam. Moreover, such accounts are producing huge traffic and that means if you’re a regular or frequent user of Threads, you’ve probably been a victim of this act too sadly.

Mosseri says so many people get affected as false positives so that means the only way out of the situation is by verifying your identity on the platform again. And now, some users are facing the horrifying nightmare of being locked out of their accounts as well. Moreover, thanks to the interlink between Threads and Instagram, you’ll find that if you’re targeted, you’d be locked out of both apps at the same time until your identity gets verified again.

So many users registered complaints about the matter and the company’s head feels it’s time to really take strict action before it gets more and more out of control. Some people are already talking about more than 50% of the posts on Threads generating bot responses and it’s sad to see this at the start of a very successful launch.

Users spoke about bots promoting gambling while others just spamming posts to such a severe extent that there’s no way out.

Meanwhile, the news of the crackdown comes at a time when we saw tech billionaire Elon Musk mention that his Twitter app was getting attacked by data scrapers who targeted tweets so that they could better train their chatbots and achieve the benefits regarding the matter.

Hence, Musk called for a rate-limiting endeavor that did not make people happy because they would either have to log in through their IDs or subscribe to use the app. In the same way, you could only be allowed to view content of a certain degree before you’d be barred because you reached the limit outlined.

On average, people were viewing nearly 400 to 600 posts per day and not beyond that on Twitter. But after receiving much slack, Musk opted to loosen up and allow more people to view more posts. Hence, seeing Threads take the same route is really ironic, especially because of the controversy that surrounds both apps being similar.

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