Mark Zuckerberg Advised To Moderate Meta’s Threads Better Before It Turns Into Toxic Twitter

Meta’s Threads is seeing its fair share of monstrous success but civil rights groups are now issuing new warnings to CEO Mark Zuckerberg about focusing more on moderation.

Many experts in the field feel that without proper moderation, we could soon be seeing the app transform into a toxic version that’s similar to how many people now view Twitter.

The news came in the form of a letter that was directed to the Meta CEO as well as Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri.

Moreover, it further went on to delineate in bold terms how many democracy activists and those favoring digital justice could see tell-tale signs of things getting out of control in the near future. Therefore, this is the reason why they’re advising extreme caution before it gets too late.

They even gave out published examples of how terms that come under the label of hate speech were slowly but surely picking up the pace and seeing an upward trend arise. This includes terms such as election lies, pandemic conspiracies, and also Nazi rhetorics. And as you can imagine, it’s a worrying situation for obvious reasons.

After all, the app has only been in existence for the past two weeks or less and to have such notions coming about now is alarming.

Therefore, Meta has been told to put forward stricter rules and more safeguards on its new app to stop the spread of toxicity that many associated the Twitter app with.

In the same way, they added how imperative it is for Meta to establish great content moderation as we near the 2024 US elections period that would stop the spread of hate speech and misinformation.

But more eyebrows were raised when Meta was similarly accused of not intentionally avoiding fact-checking on the app. The speculations arose when Zuckerberg denied using Instagram’s fact-checkers on Threads and many feel that is giving threat actors a free hand to rule on the app.

Meanwhile, one spokesperson for the company spoke to media outlet Insider about how that is not the case and that Threads is embedded with both human reviewers and also a state of the art tools that verify the integrity of sources being published on the app.

The spokesperson even added how they were on a mission to match data from independent sources for fact-checking to those seen on content published across other Meta apps.

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