Elon Musk Promises His New AI Startup Is Competition For ChatGPT And Bard As Training Begins With User’s Tweets

Elon Musk is on a new mission to wow the world with his new AI startup. And that's because he feels it can serve as serious competition for Google’s Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

The tech billionaire’s new company dubbed xAI may be very new but Musk confirmed today through a public post how training will be done based on tweets from users on the Twitter platform.

The plan was initially unveiled on Friday during a serious discussion held at Twitter Spaces. The billionaire entrepreneur added how training would be done in a manner that would counter the effects and benefits that come with the popular ChatGPT tool.

Moreover, he also took great pride in adding how all the other AI firms out there were guilty of using his Twitter firm’s data for data purposes, despite it being an illegal activity. Hence, who better to open an AI firm than him, he added, based on data that was owned by the platform itself.

As it is, Musk has expressed a lot of concern regarding the activity of data scraping from Twitter’s internal systems and yesterday, he also issued a lawsuit against four unnamed entities and provided their IP addresses, claiming that they were busy in the act that was illegal.

This was his justification for limiting the number of posts that people could see on the app and also forcing all viewers to log in first and if there was no account, they would be forced to sign up for the app. And if they chose to refuse, they would be denied entry to the app.

The platform says it added rate limits to stop companies from data scraping despite experts claiming the data was up for grabs publicly so there was no need to complain as it was legal by the US law.

Now, Musk confirmed how he would be opening access to tweets again for his xAI startup. He would make use of all of the tweets present publicly for the sake of training his models, similar to how he feels the rest have done so in the past and are continuing to do so right now.

Experts revealed how Twitter’s data is classified as fabulous for training purposes due to the fact that it’s fresh and covers a wide range of categories that make use of text. This way, it would assist all chatbots in copying or imitating human speech as closely as possible.

Other than that, we can see how the app’s own Community Notes endeavor can assist in producing the most correct replies as the feature is designed to highlight and remove all content that’s misleading.

But wait, there is a downside to this behavior as well. We’re seeing training with tweets in the AI world instigating more lawsuits. Grabbing a hold of user’s data without taking their consent or even informing them has led to legal action by the FTC recently which held chatbot tools like ChatGPT guilty of the behavior. This data was reportedly found on the web.

Hence, we’re just going to have to wait and watch to see what’s next. As it is, Musk has not revealed too much about his new AI startup. Let’s not forget all we know so far is that it’s designed to solve a long list of jobs or tasks that a normal human would be asked to do.

Musk added that the vision is to help understand the universe better and that’s why they’re looking for people to hire that would be willing and intrigued to be making such a goal possible so both users and businesses can benefit.

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