Good News For X (Twitter) Creators As App Revises Requirements For Its Ad Revenue Share Program

We have all heard about the major Twitter rebranding to X taking place. And that means a series of unpredictable changes are coming users’ way, whether they like it or not.

But with the bad news comes some great things worth celebrating. We’re talking about creators gaining more benefits from the company’s ad revenue share initiative that’s designed to help them make more cash.

So many creators appreciated the effort after attaining major payments for their hard work and user engagement on the platform. But if you failed to make the program due to its stringent requirements, this news is for you.

The rollout is still for those who have subscribed and attained a considerable figure for engagement on the app. But at the start, you needed a minimal requirement of 5 million tweets on a monthly basis. And that had to be the case for the next three months so you may qualify.

Meanwhile, new reports are also speaking about how the app is altering this and several other features so that more Blue Subscribers can attain higher cash rewards through such tweets.

As per recent reports, the features of this new program include Twitter Blue Subscriptions with all payment options put on. Secondly, it needs around 15 million views in total to have been accumulated over the last three months.

This would allow so many more creators to get into the program, despite them having a poor month where engagement seems to be low. The great thing is how total engagement would be considered as compared to figures linked to those taking place each month.

The minimal payout for this program is $50 while creators would no longer be required to switch on Subscriptions so they may attain payments. But the payments must be activated, alongside Stripe accounts.

We are also seeing Twitter take a step back in terms of its mandatory requirements linked to original content posts as it previously wanted nothing reposted from other places.

Twitter CTO Elon Musk particularly mentioned the above in his recent tweets, adding how it was necessary to ensure its ad revenue figures were up to par with all others. After all, the content that really does generate the greatest revenue comprises reposts. Did we mention how tech billionaire Musk himself adores posting a lot of memes from another place, without providing any form of credit?

It possibly led to Twitter taking a back seat on that requirement or perhaps the firm is having a lot of trouble with enforcing such a rule. Whatever the case may be, people would be celebrating as it’s not easy to get original content all of the time.

Hence, creators will now just be required to a combination of 15 million tweets in a three-month span and have a Blue Account Subscription. We agree that it’s still plenty of engagement but it’s definitely a great way to produce more revenue from the app.

One trend that continues to attain plenty of hype on the app is NPC-based live streams. This sees plenty of individuals generating responses for stickers that were put out on broadcasts. For every sticker put out, more revenue is allocated to the streamer. So at the end of the day, the goal is for streamers to attain a means by which stickers can get them the most revenue.

It’s all about incentives in today’s time and Twitter’s revenue program is certainly doing well in that aspect as it's making more creators join the Blue Tick bandwagon so they can make more money. Good going Twitter but it just might need a lot more help than just that to get better traffic.

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