More Competition For Twitter As TikTok Rolls Out Text Posts During App's Rebranding To X

It’s only been weeks since we saw Meta launch an explosive app by the name of Threads that had Twitter shaking in its boots. The competition was on and Elon Musk knew that this was not a great signal for his company that’s not performing at its best anyways.

Now, we’re hearing more about how Twitter has undergone rebranding to X but with that comes more rivalry against another leading social media platform TikTok.

The ByteDance-owned firm TikTok is going the extra mile to venture into the world of text posts and that seems like an attempt to further take a hit at Twitter which is battling with low traffic, despite its CEO claiming it's experiencing high usage.

The new format that’s based on the world of texting is truly in a new league altogether. Moreover, we saw the news rollout on Monday where it told users they had an option for text posts, other than the usual format that exists for putting up images and Livestream options.

Those who are searching for this option need to look no further. Simply head on over to the camera page, click on text as one option, put out your post, and then feel free to customize using features such as backgrounds and more. This announcement is yet to specify a huge limit for characters but as per reports from The Verge, it might be going up to a staggering 1000 characters.

It’s really hard not to talk about how this new feature by TikTok comes at a time when you are seeing rebranding arise for Twitter as X. The company’s CTO Elon Musk has opted to revamp the firm completely and that means getting rid of the iconic blue bird icon and replacing it with a giant X. The term tweets is also now obsolete and would be replaced by X while the domain will be referred to as The latter would redirect users to the website.

Are many people surprised by this new change taking place or not? Well, it’s not hard to see Musk making more changes because unpredictability just might be his middle name. But from what we’re seeing take place at this moment in time, one thing is for sure. This might be the start of another long list of changes deemed unpopular.

Recently, setting limits for posts on the platform and also getting rid of legacy verification is certainly not loved by the masses. It’s like another chance to steer users away from the app and make them search for better opportunities on rival apps. And the latter seems to be doing just fine in that category.

First, it was Threads by Meta where the platform saw roaring success with a staggering 100 million people in just one week. But with time, people realized that the platform lacked a lot of very basic features. And now it’s TikTok with its text posts which seems to be putting up a format that’s more or less like Twitter.

Today, TikTok has nearly one billion users around the globe. Without any doubt, it’s one of the biggest platforms and seems to be super popular in terms of an app that Gen Z users simply cannot get enough of. But could this be what it takes to take away Twitter’s crowning glory and kill the app? Well, only time can tell what the reality will be. For now, we’re just going to have to wait and watch patiently as more things unfold.

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