Bing AI Has Finally Arrived On Google Chrome But Don’t Expect The Same Results As Microsoft Edge

The tech sector and its growing AI trends go hand in hand. You’ve got plenty of tech giants in the market today such as Google and Microsoft who strive to create innovation amid so much competition.

This has led to the launch of Bing Chat across Android Phones and that is what led to one situation where the tech giant incorrectly produced AI replies for a search on Chrome. But with all of this competition and plenty of new emerging trends in the industry, computational giant Microsoft is carrying out an expansion of the AI experience that’s linked to ChatGPT. But the latter had one major drawback related to it being found only across Edge Browsers.

Today, we’ve got some great news as Google Chrome users can make use of it too as it rolls out. This news comes to us thanks to Windowslatest which says the software giant is rolling out an extension to Chrome starting today.

The great thing is how simple this integration really is but it’s still in the process of a rollout so you might need to wait a tiny while longer before you can get your hands on it. But after that does take place, you can head on over to the Bing website and click on the icon designated as Chat that’s seen on the screen’s topmost left-hand side.

This chatbot soon activates and merges in the most wonderful of ways with results seen for standard search. But before we forget, you need to be aware of a few restrictions across the whole Bing AI endeavor for Chrome.

There’s a limit comprising of 4k characters on Microsoft Edge which is now reduced to half for every query. But that’s not all. You might end up seeing the chat resets after every five texts as compared to Microsoft Edge putting out a max of 30 texts.

So as you can see, it’s a little frustrating to some individuals when they’re bound to follow restrictions. As it is, the software giant has a poor record of putting far from the Chrome browser and directing them more toward its own Edge.

We also heard of the Bing Chatbot being accused of marketing promotional forms of text, rather than completing the searches that users request for Chrome when conducting a search.

The methodology is deeply concerning and misleading and has started to attract massive criticism and put a huge dent in the popular Bing AI Search’s reputation as Microsoft put the chat rollout as a source of fierce competition for various kinds of AI offers like the popular OpenAI tool ChatGPT, followed by Google Bard.

Moments after the massive criticism in place, Microsoft ended up deactivating this offering and reiterated the company’s strive of conducting trials with all kinds of other offerings so that users can benefit.

As we all are well aware, there are so many restrictions, not to mention plenty of controversies arising. This type of development would bring together both Bing and Chrome’s offerings into one and at the end of the day, it’s a major win for users.

For now, let’s wait for a complete release as we won’t be seeing the chatbot arise on Chrome accounts starting right this moment in time. But the Bing platform for Android does include AI right now so feel free to give it a try.

We will surely be updating you about any more changes on this front so stay tuned and happy browsing!

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