Twitter’s CEO Confirms Company’s New Success As Usage Peaks To New High Amid Rebranding To X

Twitter is now known as X as Elon Musk unveiled the company’s decision to rebrand the entire firm, not to mention how tweets would be referred to as Xs too. This includes altering the famous blue bird logo to an X as well.

Just one day later, we saw the firm’s new CEO Linda Yaccarino outline the future of X while celebrating the organization’s major success. She sent out a memo to the company’s workforce that revealed how usage was at a new high and what better time to see this change than now?

The executive failed to share any evidence in the form of metrics that pointed out this, leaving questions on critics' minds as to how true the news really was. But Linda also made it a point to delineate what else one would expect in terms of this new platform that just underwent the process of rebranding.

She mentioned how it’s a long time coming, especially considering how tech billionaire Elon Musk has been working so hard to try and get the app to be more than the usual social platform. His goal was to transform it into an app for everything, something like the Chinese rival WeChat.

As explained by the world’s richest person last year in October, he hoped to rebrand the company which would help to speed up the process of getting to X, which would entail a wide range of functions.

The grand plan is designed to produce a platform that enables creators to gain revenue through monetization and also allows for financial activities like banking and payments to take center stage.

Musk outlined how the next goal seems to be money marketing on the app and that would churn out a bigger interest rate so more clients would move in the firm’s direction.

Such product concepts were again reiterated in the CEO’s memo to workers where she emphasized better usage and hopes more get entertained with an array of upcoming features related to audio, texting, video, finance, and more. The idea seems to be linked to enabling a platform where goods, services, and more are promoted so the majority can benefit.

Twitter which is now known as X has put out a range of Elon Musk’s vision surrounding monetization up for grabs and that’s particularly linked to videos. We even saw the corporation enabling subscribers to gain benefits with video uploads that were two hours long and Apple did gain the benefit of this by allowing ads to play.

Soon after that, we saw the company give those creators that were verified the chance to gain benefits through its ad-sharing initiative.

But with that being said, it’s not exactly a walk in the park for X as recent stats for traffic prove how figures are dropping like flies. The numbers attained from top analytics company Similarweb provided how there was a 5% fall in traffic during the starting two days of rival app Threads was rolled out.

Moreover, the analytics also showed how traffic went down by 11% when you compare it to similar days seen in the year 2022. Another visual graphic was produced by the CEO for Cloudflare who proved through a chart that the stats were moving in a downward direction.

But Linda Yaccarino is not speaking about this and has in fact put back those reports for the time being. Her emphasis seems to be more on the biggest usage being recorded for July when compared to stats from February.

We also know about how Twitter is making efforts to counter as much rivalry from Meta’s Threads as possible including the reports of blocking links on searches across the platform as it was super concerned regarding this sudden form of competition.

It’s interesting how the timing of this memo is in line with reports from Forrester mentioning how X may soon be shut down or perhaps be acquired in possibly the next year as critics feel that such rebranding has no place and would most likely fail.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. Twitter, now called X, never fails to create drama across the board.

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