Apple All Set To Launch Its Own Line Of Apps From Third Party Developers

Leading iPhone maker Apple is gearing up for the launch of its own array of apps that are currently up for grabs from various third-party sources.

So when you come to think of it, they just might be eating up the benefits that truly belong to developers. And yes, it does sound super harsh but we’re not surprised because this is not the first time that we’ve seen this take place.

The tech giant is super busy these days in this endeavor and if rumors are to be believed, the company has been taking part in such ordeals for so long now. It’s now being dubbed Sherlocking for obvious reasons.

In 2023 alone, the company ended up sherlocking so many selective platforms. And one of the most common ones that we’ve heard about is Journaling and now, even Stickers are getting added to the list.

The world of stickers sounds like something is just of a small scale and we agree that it’s not that happening but after seeing the figures on this front, it’s safe to say that it’s far beyond than what most of us expected.

As far as the apps offering the biggest returns or highest earnings are concerned from Apple’s App Store, you won’t be surprised to learn that there is not only one platform but actually two that have a combined total revenue laying in the millions figure since the past year. So yes, don’t be fooled by stickers because it lies in millions!

The endeavor on display is Sticker Maker+ as well as WhatSticker. And since the start of last year, we saw how the figures for these pairs ended up earning a combined total of $4 million from all over the globe. And remember, this is a net estimate so that means it’s the share left for Apple to keep after publishers keep their own.

Thanks to iOS 17, such figures are mostly gone or we’re seeing them decline in a massive manner.

However, there is more to the news. We observed further how there are other apps solely for stickers that are present in the App Store. To be more exact, it’s nearly 40 more platforms than we expected. And as a whole, the clam gets revenue worth $650,000 each month for the past three months.

Then in the months of January through May of 2023, we saw how the figures for the group ended up producing an earning that was greater than $3 million from all over the globe.

Therefore, the next time you feel such a category is small scale, think again. Yes, it’s not going to be going head to head with competitors like TikTok, and won’t be a huge millionaire either but remember, we’re talking about stickers here.

Now the question is if such applications would convert into a thing that overcomes what is located in iOS 17. And if not, then would it end up disappearing or not? Well, if you’re a developer we’re sure you’re hoping that does take place and we don’t blame you one bit.


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