AI Pioneer Geoffrey Hinton Feels AI Is A Threat To Humanity And Says Good AI Won’t Defeat Bad AI

One of the top minds in the world of AI, Geoffrey Hinton has been expressing major concerns about the revolutionary technology for a while now.

And if you think his mind has changed anytime soon about the power of AI and what good it can do for us all, well, that’s not the case for now.

Hinton recently called out officials for not doing enough in terms of providing protection and allowing the threat to rise to new levels where controlling the matter might be difficult. We saw him quit his job at tech giant Google this past year so he could free more time and focus on the field that he was at the center of creating.

Today, he feels tools like ChatGPT and even Bing Search are further developing at an alarming pace and since they’re all going unchecked for so long, it’s a huge threat to the human race.

Then we’ve got more competitors popping up in the industry as we speak. From Bard and others, the playing field is full of all kinds of products. And this sort of development is very dangerous for obvious reasons.

Search engine giant Google explains that it’s making Bard better and more comprehensive so that it turns into a product that people would adore for obvious reasons. Moreover, we even saw at recent tech conferences where the topic is the center of a lot of people’s attention with concerns coming from all directions.

No one wants the human race to become extinct or for AI to take over the world. So many firms are relying on AI to get the job done at a faster pace than before. And what might appear as a solution for some right now might soon sound an alarm for others in the near future when their own work is taken over by AI.

Hinton further elaborated upon how he felt about good AI replacing bad AI as the adoption of this technology could prove to arise at a high cost.

It’s interesting how the threat to humanity exists and now Hinton says the product is just as great as the individuals who produced it and that in the end, bad technology would win. He feels a point has come where the technology might soon be unstoppable and we’ll be battling against robots.

But Hinton did explain more about how he did agree that language models were beneficial and their use was helping us all in terms of greater productivity. But in his opinion, the ruling class would exploit such means and widen the gap and make the rich society richer while the poor keep getting poorer.

No one wants to see AI get smarter than the human mind and if that does happen, what’s the assurance that humans would be in control anymore?

Clearly, he’s signaling red alarm bells and hopes it’s not just him that sees the dangers in this but others too because it’s a matter that deserves more attention in the form of regulation.

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