Survey Reveals Majority of Marketers Struggle with Disjointed Tech Stacks

A recent study reveals that most marketers are gearing up to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

According to a recent survey by Wakefield Research for Optimizely titled "Uncovering Hidden Costs Impacting ROI," most marketing leaders think their technology stacks are not operating as effectively as they should. Despite this, marketers are interested in joining artificial intelligence (AI), but it could be clearer if they're ready.

A whopping 72% of marketing leaders indicated unhappiness with the performance of their IT stacks, according to a thorough analysis that polled marketing experts from various industries. This discovery points to a significant gap in organizations' efficient adoption and use of marketing technology.

The survey claims that 76% of marketers need more confidence about the ability of their current marketing strategies to generate the required return on investment (ROI). Despite this skepticism, 70% of survey participants claim that their companies frequently accept investments in new technology without a well-stated ROI strategy. This discrepancy makes it difficult to make effective and strategic decisions on technology investments in the marketing sector.

The study's findings highlight the ubiquity of non-integrated technology, which 23% of marketers acknowledge causes unnecessarily redundant work. Marketers may not be able to fully capitalize on their technological investments if there is a lack of smooth interaction across different marketing products.

Despite these difficulties, the report also reveals that marketers have considerable interest in using AI.

According to an amazing 44% of respondents, generative AI use by businesses is rising. Furthermore, 48% of respondents indicated they would be open to embracing AI if any problems or issues had been resolved, demonstrating a readiness to use the technology's potential in marketing initiatives.

These results provide insight into the condition of marketing technology today, with many marketers noting the flaws and constraints in their tech stacks. Companies must overcome the current integration, ROI, and strategic decision-making problems as they become more aware of AI's potential to improve marketing effectiveness.

The necessity of addressing these gaps and enabling marketers to achieve seamless integration and ROI with their tech stack is emphasized by optimizing a top provider of marketing technology solutions.

Optimization aims to assist marketers in overcoming these obstacles and realizing the full potential of AI-driven marketing by encouraging innovation, offering reliable AI solutions, and providing extensive support. In the poll, 300 senior marketing executives from U.S. companies with 100 or more workers participated.

However, the survey's findings indicate a key challenge: 53% of marketing organizations still use outdated technology because they are worried about the expense and time involved in retraining their workforce. 43% of executives still cling to old solutions, and 42% express anxiety about letting go of particular functions.

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