WordPress Can Soon Generate Entire Blogs Through A New AI-Powered Tool

WordPress is a popular domain for writers around the globe. And you’ll find many people using this platform to produce articles and blogs.

But what if we told you that the famous domain could soon be incorporating a new tool that used AI technology, very similar to the way ChatGPT functions?

Think along the lines of a platform producing complete blogs and posts for users without them having to do anything.

We’re seeing more reports about how the new Jetpack Assitant AI tool is coming forward as the platform’s trial feature so users may benefit from it beginning today. In the same way, one leading developer of the app claims that such types of technology utilize big language models from the makers of ChatGPT too.

Therefore, users can really expect results that are quite in line with the famous chatbot initiative, other than the fact that they’re now accessible through the platform’s Editor.

This tool is believed to promise all of its users the chance to benefit from fast-paced content creation that would transform writing that used to take place in hours to those taking place in seconds.

All users need to do to avail of the benefits is provide prompts and watch its tool produce engaging blogs and some detailed pages with very comprehensive tables. Each of these endeavors is designed in a manner that is in line with the users’ requirements.

One particular trial involving the new tool showed how it was churning out a new post on travel in just 8 seconds and it was complete with the use of pointers and even had details like currency exchange rates too. This might be related to the fact that the latest AI model for GPT-4 is receiving training through data seen from the year 2021.

Whether or not such a tool can generate quality text is a whole new issue altogether. Meanwhile, OpenAI’s tool may end up hallucinating fake data and can even come out with essays that are not only wordy but extremely boring. Therefore, before placing blind trust in such an endeavor, you might want to give the content a double check before publishing it across your blog for the public to view.

Despite the fact that there might be some limitations, developers claim such tools can ensure writing carried out across WordPress is not only interesting but very efficient. Moreover, another feature can change a whole blog and even convert the conversational tone involved. It could be altered from being provocative to something that’s more hilarious.

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