Twitter May Have A New CEO But Musk Still Wants To Reshape The App With A Series Of Proposed Changes

Twitter has finally got a new CEO but that does not mean tech billionaire Elon Musk is ready to give her complete control and take a step back in terms of decision-making.

We can see this by the way he’s still putting out new changes to reshape the platform and generate new changes that are in its best interest.

Elon Musk says he will continue to make announcements through his Twitter account about changes he feels are necessary and right now, it seems he’s hinting more toward pushing the platform toward video streaming.

For starters, the Twitter chief mentioned how creators can download lists of all those who are following their accounts and if required, they may talk to them off the app, if necessary.

This would mean all email IDs for subscribers would be up for grabs so that in cases when a creator wishes to leave, they’ll take them along.

This is a very specific area for apps as most of those viewing such information as one that’s proprietary. That is why a lot of people sometimes are hesitant to give details that could later be used for this purpose but in the recent past, we’ve seen more and more people be more open to this idea.

Allowing data portability of such kind on the platform could mean creators and labels wish to have more contacts through this app. So many more individuals are going to consider leveraging such features to generate more business and relationships through the app and off it. We might even see such firms offering exclusive deals through tweets that are designed solely for the purpose of subscribers and then they’re collected to create a new mailing list.

On the other hand, we’re seeing Musk saying yes to not allowing the Twitter algorithm to interfere with reach across the Following Tab after a suggestion is provided to the intended user.

If a user wants to follow someone, they can do it of their own will and don’t require the app to play a leading role in this manner. But it’s not as simple as it may appear.

Remember, Elon Musk says he’s working hard on this feature but it’s yet to come through and when it does, it would ensure free speech and provide users with the chance to witness their choices as compared to putting a restriction on content reach.

Another downside of the feature seems to be saying hello to reduce advertising on the app due to security considerations by certain brands. Now that’s a major point that Twitter would need to look into, if and when it gets rid of reach restrictions. As you can imagine, experts are going to have their opinions on this but it does not appear to be too workable from our standing.

Last but not least, we’re seeing Elon Musk speak about giving game enthusiasts something to celebrate about. This entails putting together new cast-offs through apps like Twitch which just added new regulations regarding sponsorships and ads that were paid across streams. However, we’ve just heard the latest on this front and how the decision was reversed.

It’s quite clear what Elon Musk wants to do here. He really wishes to get the best out of the app’s video ecosystem. Therefore, he keeps on talking about making it a huge competitor for such a platform. And that entails putting out a share for advertising gains on this platform.

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