Google’s Bard Language Model Enhances Its Logic And Reasoning Capabilities

For a while now, we’ve been hearing about how Google has opened up its Bard AI chatbot to the general public. And today, we’re getting more details on some advancements that the tech giant has made in terms of its language model capabilities.

Google revealed how its Bard is getting more enhanced skills in the domain of logic and reasoning. This news was confirmed thanks to the product head of the endeavor who stated the news through a blog post.

Such updates are designed to enhance its capability to solve math-related tasks and even give replies for queries linked to coding themes while also handling prompts related to manipulation too.

To get this done, we’re seeing developers include some new forms of codes to ensure seamless execution and the method enables Bard to analyze prompts that run background codes and provide responses to tasks deemed complex in nature.

So what you end up with are accurate responses to math-based tasks and coding situations, the Android maker revealed in its latest unveiling.

Right now, the approach seems to be related to inspiration taken from human intelligence as unveiled in a popular book by Kahneman.

This particular concept is linked to Bard’s enhanced capabilities and is related to two very different types of systems. The first one is quick, easy, and intuitive. Meanwhile, the second has to do with being more slow-paced and adding greater effort to ensure long division tasks are completed seamlessly.

As far as Bard is concerned, it has to do with language models that operate under the first system that produces text at a fast pace and with zero deep thoughts along the way.

On the other hand, we’re not seeing system 2 function effectively with this language model for now but who knows, with time, it might be included as it’s a part of traditional computation forums. Other reports did mention how Google intends on using system two to better Bard’s accuracy when generating replies.

So what do such new updates mean for Google and its Bard? Well, we can see it as a huge step in the right direction when it comes to AI models and the end result appears to be producing responses that are super accurate.

But the team is currently acknowledging how there’s still a lot of room to carry out amendments and even with such ordeals, Google knows the language model has a long way to go. It can make things right and generate better responses. It’s a capability that’s based on logic and would assist in making the product more helpful with time for users.

Everything does seem to be very enlightening in terms of these changes but they’re presenting some huge limitations that need to be overcome.

For instance, it might be possible that we see Bard not producing the right code or generating replies that entail executed codes

Similarly, you might come across situations where the language model does not produce any codes. And also, the exact method through which the execution of codes is done totally relies on how complex the entire task ends up being.

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