Twitter Users Are Fired Up As Linda Yaccarino Makes Her Much-Anticipated First Statement As CEO

Twitter’s new CEO Linda Yaccarino has taken charge of her leading position.

And we just recently witnessed her making some very interesting comments on how she feels about the platform and what users can expect with her leading the firm as its CEO.

For starters, she vowed to bring back free speech as that has been the vision of Twitter’s chief for so long. In the same way, she mentioned how the app’s biggest priority at this moment in time was linked to tackling disinformation more than anything else.

In the same way, she adds that bringing back advertisers means reassuring them that the content seen on the app would be getting the right kind of engagement over time. And for that, there are some huge hurdles that need to be passed.

But a lot of users of the platform were baffled by the phrase, ‘Enter Twitter 2.0’. They did not know what to make of it and others felt that it was more associated with hate more than anything else.

This set of comments had a lot of people getting riled up as to what it meant and that is when a new debate began to arise center stage.

For those of you who might not be aware of this, this was the same statement put forward by tech giant Elon Musk when he offered to provide an ultimatum to create the new Twitter or be prepared to get fired.

Remember, two leading executives on the app had turned in their resignations because they were not happy with the way that things are moving forward on the platform. This includes how Elon Musk made the controversial decision to allow a documentary post about trans individuals to be aired on the platform and some were not in favor of that.

But the new CEO’s reference linked to providing more people with the chance to practice free speech had to do with rising levels of concerns on how much hate speech has gone up in recent times.

Other users were questioning her stance on stopping spam and bots because that’s another major issue that they’ve been dealing with so for long and it doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

Musk vowed that he’s found a solution to the matter but they appear to be just as frequent as in the past so that’s definitely raising more questions in people’s minds.

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