Microsoft’s New Image-Enhancing Feature On Edge Accused Of Gathering And Sending Image URLs

Computational giant Microsoft is under the radar again after one Twitter user was quick to speak about how the image-enhancing feature found on the Edge browser is questionable.

The endeavor has been making the rounds and is yet to be released to the masses completely. But before all of that, there has been so much controversy as we speak.

The feature is believed to be sending out picture URLs to the firm’s servers so that they can undergo processing. Moreover, this functionality is said to be experimental in nature but it does not mean that it’s not live across the Edge Browser for so long. We are talking months.

But what exactly does this feature do? It is created to brighten the hue, enhance color, and even make the images vibrant when displayed through a browser. But the way one of Twitter’s users was quick to spot that means it’s a major concern and we don’t think anyone would want their URLs going to the company’s servers for obvious reasons.

And if that was not dramatic enough, there was even news about how the firm could track pictures that users see and if you’re not mindful of that behavior, you won’t know because it’s set as a default setting.

For now, Microsoft is yet to respond to the news regarding comments on the issue. However, it does appear like the firm is trying to grab a hold of image URLs only and not any data that relates to a person’s identity.

But no matter how much it’s trying to save itself, this matter is awfully concerning for obvious reasons. Not getting any notification regarding this behavior means people are not giving consent and that’s a major issue in today’s day and age.

However, there is no reason to panic right now. Users can switch off the feature for image enhancement too. All they need to do is go to the address bar for the Edge Browser and alter the settings. And then, simply switch it off.

The good news is that those who have used this test version of this image enhancement feature claim they’re not happy with the way things have rolled out. They feel it messes up their pictures further and that’s not a risk they’re willing to take.

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