Twitter’s New CEO Linda Yaccarino Has Taken Charge And She Wants To Turn Things Around

Twitter has a new and competent boss and she’s none other than Linda Yaccarino who recently went public with a list of plans on how she intends to run the app.

Yaccarino says she’s on a huge mission to turn the platform into one that provides the most accurate sources of information out there today.

If you are aware of Twitter and its workings, you’ll know that ever since tech billionaire Elon Musk took charge, people couldn’t stop talking about how much misinformation there was on the app and how the levels were spiraling upwards.

Musk clearly had a tough time curbing that but Linda says not anymore as getting rid of disinformation is high on her ranks.

In the past month, we saw how the firm ended up losing its leader for both trust and safety. Similarly, it even lost its position in the disinformation code of the European Union.

Linda’s plans were spread out across a long list of tweets that had been sent out to employees and they were a clear reflection of Musk’s words and how he wished to revolutionize the town square.

In the same way, she claimed that providing the world with information that was unfiltered was a great way to bring back trust and freedom of speech while opening up room for more dialogue linked to things that matter to so many of us individuals.

Linda says at the end of it all, it’s important that users realize that Twitter is far from being biased. And since Musk is also known as a famous advocate for free speech, this forum is designed for the sake of that vision and it’s genuine in all aspects.

But with that has definitely come a huge price tag that Twitter has paid in the past couple of months including a rapid loss of investors including top advertisers. Twitter was an app that derived most of its revenue from this means. Figures declined by nearly 40% when compared to what went on one year ago.

Now, seeing advertisers return is a huge deal to the company, and with Linda’s huge experience in this regard, she has her eyes set on bringing them back on board with complete assurance and a full guarantee.

Experts are already placing high bets on Linda and her potential as they feel that if there is one person who has the potential to turn the app around, well, it’s going to be her for sure. She also has been called out for having that unique factor that can balance Elon Musk’s rational decision-making.

We’ve been seeing the world’s second richest person be under a lot of pressure to search for someone who was not only willing but also capable to take on this leading position of being the company’s CEO.

Musk clearly had his hands tied with so much going taking place at Twitter that it was leaving him with little to no time to spend on his other enterprises like Tesla. And obviously, the investors of that firm were not happy.

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