India Threatened To Shut Twitter Down And Raid The Homes Of Workers, Jack Dorsey Claims

Jack Dorsey’s recent interview for a leading YouTube channel has really brought to light some very interesting findings.

One of those was related to the growing number of serious threats received by the platform from India to try and shut it down. But Dorsey says that’s not all. The threats were of a very aggressive nature and they had officials threatening to go as far as raiding the homes of employees which he felt was totally outrageous and uncalled for.

The former CEO who is also the co-founder of the platform mentioned how India was adamant about having some tweets taken down with immediate effect and also called out certain media outlets and personnel who put out stories about a protest linked to farmers. This incident reportedly arose in the year 2020.

Twitter has accused India of so much but in return, all they have done is denied all of the allegations coming forward. Instead, it went about accusing the app of breaking its own laws that it set forward.

The news saw leading ministers blast the app and refer to it as downright lying. Thankfully, no one went to prison and the app was not shut down either. But this was a huge eye-opener for those at Twitter that if they failed to accept the demands of others, they’d be facing extreme behavior of this nature and that’s obviously not okay.

But Dorsey sharing this news is clear proof of how the current relations between the app and the country’s Prime Minister and current ruling party are not alright. And the news arises at a time when we’re seeing free speech take center stage on the app despite so many different countries exerting a major influence on the app.

Among the nations that are really giving the app a hard time, they include Turkey and India as reiterated by Dorsey today. He says the company cannot keep fulfilling every small request that a nation feels is necessary. If an account is breaking the rules, they’re investigated and immediate action is taken. But some countries like the ones mentioned above have a hard time accepting the final decision. And they get upset and make such threats, he continued.

The Twitter co-founder feels that India was totally out of line and despite the fact that it’s a democratic nation, seeing this behavior emerge is just outrageous. And no app should ever have to receive such threats.

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