Trouble For Reddit As Popular Subreddits Will ‘Go Dark’ By Next Week

The popular social media app Reddit has a lot of things to worry about right now. And one of those is linked to trouble for its Subreddits.

The platform’s subreddits are gearing up to ‘go dark’ as early as next week and that is another way of it showing great discontent regarding the new and increased API price plans.

This past month, the platform mentioned how it would be increasing the pricing for the API access so that it could make a whole lot of funds through the likes of developers that had big names. They are the ones who have been making use of the app to fuel systems.

It should be added how so many generative AI tools were making use of other apps like Twitter and even Reddit for the sake of carrying conversational data so that they could design their models. Now, those enterprises are selling it out to their own clients, making close to billions and most of it has to do with chats taking place on both Twitter as well as Reddit.

Remember, Twitter ended up raising the prices so that those who wished to attain API access for the app would need to pay more. Tech billionaire Elon Musk made it very clear that no one would be getting anything for free anymore and would have to pay for exclusive access.

Therefore, Reddit appears to be following in those same footsteps that Twitter took this year in March. They wish to design a system that they refer to as more equitable.

This change is going to affect plenty of small-scale clients arising from third parties of the app, including tools that a lot of people are making use of to get access to the platform.

One of the biggest examples, in this case, is Apollo. The latter is the name given to a reader platform of Reddit that gives a new and different Reddit experience. It is made use of by so many people and gives more functionality including the best compatibility for screen reading while ensuring more people gain entry to the application.

The new range of charges for API access has gotten an estimated figure of $2 million each month and that would ensure the app continues to run. And when that takes place, it could take the app out of the competitive market of today and would hence create a major rumble across Reddit’s community.

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