Newly Released Data From Apple Says 81% Of Devices Use iOS 16

Right before the highly anticipated WWDC event took place on Monday, tech giant Apple was quick to unleash some new statistics regarding its iOS software.

The leading iPhone maker's data shows how 81% of all smartphones were making use of iOS 16 as per its latest survey. In the same way, the firm's data delineated some more insights on how people have accepted iOS 16 across the board and more than 81% of devices are using it already.

The news comes as the Cupertino giant prepared to roll out its latest operating system for smartphones called iOS 17.

Apple's data also mentioned how the popular adoption of iOS 16 does not mean iOS 15 is out the window. Statistics proved how at least 13% of smartphones continue to stick to iOS 15 while 6% are still making use of the early version of its leading system of operations.

But when you look at the iPhone models launched in the past few years, you’ll see an overwhelming majority make use of iOS 16 and then 8% utilize iOS 15, and a mere 2% use older variants.

Other than shedding light on the insights for iOS 16, tech giant Apple spoke about some new statistics related to adopting iPadOS 16. Such figures are clear proof of which direction of software iPad users are leaning toward.

As per data, a staggering 71% are choosing the iPadOS 16 while 20% would be relying upon past iterations such as the iPadOS 15. The rest 9% are making use of older variants for this type of operating system that showcases a vast array of preferences.

Come to Apple’s WDC 2023, it’s clear the Cupertino firm wanted to put its newest hardware and software on display and it did wow audiences.

Starting with the launch of iOS 17 to its ability to allow users from Europe to take on side-loading of apps, the list of grand reveals was plenty. The latter decision is said to be in line with the famous Digital Services Act. But users would be waiting for Fall to arrive before they can get their hands on this.

Developers on the other hand can benefit from the iOS 17 Beta launch that’s scheduled to arise today.

Remember, Apple’s App Store has a massive 101 million user base each month in regions like Europe. Therefore, it falls under the category of being a huge online platform in the EU.

Tech giant Apple was also seen producing headlines at the start of this week as it revealed how it was making some amendments in taxes for its developer community. It also shared an astonishing figure of nearly $1.1 trillion, as far as revenue collected in 2022 is concerned.

This is clear evidence of how the firm is really aware of the need to fulfill effective obligations and necessary requirements for things like regulation in places like the EU where laws are more stringent here than elsewhere.

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