Reddit’s Biggest Investor Fidelity Slashes Its Equity Stake Worth By 41%

One of Reddit’s top investors, Fidelity is making some major amendments that could really affect the firm.

It has reduced the estimated figure for its equity stake by a whopping 41%, ever since we saw the investment arise. Remember, the real figure for its Blue Chip Fund in the firm was always seen to be $16.6 million and that’s when you take the end of April into consideration. These stats were disclosed over the past few days.

When you come to think of it, it’s a massive 41% decline which was last seen in August of 2021. During that period, the firm’s spending was mostly linked to purchasing shares of Reddit for $28 million. Again, news of these disclosures came about in the yearly and semi-yearly reports.

The company had a value of $10 billion while the social media firm was again seen gaining funds in 2021. But let’s just inform you that Fidelity is not only doing this for Reddit. We’ve seen it bring down stakes in several startup firms such as Stripe in the recent past. Let’s not forget how it make tech billionaire Elon Musk a very unhappy man when it chose to reduce the stake of Twitter too, making the company worth $15 billion.

This is a huge markdown in the value of Reddit by the company and the greatest impact was seen last year. Whatever the case may be, it certainly points out how Fidelity continues to make amendments and how so smaller reductions in the stock price of Reddit keep arising and would continue to do so in the next few months too.

Fidelity has ended up with cuts in its valuation over the past few years. And for now, Reddit is not commenting on the situation.

It’s a devaluation and one that’s going to be a huge part of this major trend that continues to hit a large number of startup firms around the world in 2022. This really increases uncertainties about the firm and would carry on with the intent to be public at a striking value of $15 billion.

Today, Reddit has managed to gain more than $1 billion and it has a great support system for such achievements as Sequoia Capital and even Andreessen Horowitz. Then in 2021, we saw it get valued at $15 billion as per sources close to the ordeal.

These massive cutbacks are clear proof of how damaging the current economic conditions have been around the globe and how they’ve really caused a shakeup in the corporate world. Despite the reduced number of fundings for worldwide firms in 2021, we’ve seen valuations of bigger firms remain more constant than others.

Whether or not smaller-sized firms can recover from this or not, well, only time can tell. But for now, they can only have their fingers crossed and hope for the best as it’s definitely yet to come.

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