iPhone 8 And X Will Not Be Supported By The New iOS 17

The recently held WWDC Developers Conference by leading tech giant Apple took place yesterday and the company put plenty of new updates on display.

Apple has gone public with its iOS 17 and it similarly could be seen unveiling a long list of enhancements through which users can benefit. This entails all kinds of new and improved features for the entire operating system for iPhones.

From unique customization linked to its Lock Screen to better iMessage and FaceTime features too. Did we mention more options for screening and better insights for users through the Health app? There’s even a cool mode called Standby that’s up for grabs.

However, not every single model of the iPhone would be the same and that means not all of them would be attaining support from the new iOS 17 that is all set to launch in the Fall season. So the question is which of Apple’s devices can continue running with the iOS 17 software? We’ve figured out the mystery for you below.

This new update entails four various kinds of focuses. We have communication, intelligence, shares, and also a new category for innovative experiences. Let’s not forget how some of the features including the innovative Journal App are present and that won’t be up for grabs until iOS 17 is finally released.

Tech giant Apple says this new iOS 17 is definitely more personal and customized than all others. It considers plenty of features that most of us rely upon each day. Common tasks that most of us do using our devices include texting, calling, FaceTiming, and others.

These happen to be restricted to how a user communicates and that’s why all the endeavors being mentioned are getting a revamp that Apple says fans would adore.

There’s also a new AirDrop which has been transformed completely so users can share content with one another easily and also if they happen to be out of the distance for AirDrops, they can continue sharing without any compromise on quality.

There’s even a new feature of autocorrect that’s much better than before and with so many updates up for grabs, it only makes sense why users can’t wait for the launch soon.

But which models are going to be compatible with the iOS 17 is a question on many people’s minds. After all, no one wants to be left out.

The bad news is that this new iOS 17 software would require a new type of A12 bionic chip. Hence, it means certain devices won't be getting any form of update. This includes iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus variant. Similarly, iPhone X won’t be able to benefit from it either.

It’s a little sad but it’s great to see Apple going public with the news ahead of time so users are well aware beforehand instead of finding out at the last moment.

iOS 17 is going to first get launched as beta software so that developers can get their hands on it as early as today. But the rest need to wait until Fall.

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