Reddit’s Blackout Sparks Outcry As It’s Taking A Toll On Users’ Google Searches

The thought of Reddit going dark did not seem to tickle many people’s fancy when it was announced a few weeks back. This was a response to the exuberant API changes that people were not a fan of.

Today, the current figure for dark subreddits stands at 8000 and this has really shown so many of us that while we might not be aware, the reliance on Reddit cannot be denied.

Thousands of users relied on it when searching for the best and most useful information through results on Google Search.

Today, Google is churning out the weakest results across its search engine and no, the chatbot won’t be helpful in this regard either.

In the past, people could click on subreddits and find what they were in search of but that’s not the case right now. If you plan on doing that at this moment in time, you’ll see how you cannot. Instead, you’ll be forced to see a sign that says this place is private.

It used to be so convenient to find the responses of your search at the top of Reddit links but that’s not the case right now. And with the subreddit community making big plans to stay dark for quite some time now, we can only imagine what is next.

Yes, we know that a few subreddits are still working as per usual but seeing so many shifts to stricter formats spells trouble for obvious reasons.

Critics keep on arguing that the costs of maintaining the apps and tools from third parties of Reddit are just out of reach for those that are responsible for their creation in the first place. Developers had much less time to produce and pay. And Reddit being non-profitable would still strive until it was bombarded with more profits.

Nobody knew that a two-day strike would turn into a long-lasting affair but it has and now, our search results are the ones that are going to be suffering the most. Gone are the days when you had to use Google to find the answer to a panicky situation and the first thing that popped at the top was a subreddit.

Now, it’s just average answers and people are noticing it for a while. Others are calling this just plain old daunting and want a solution before it’s too late.

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