Apple Is Heavily Relying On Eight Chinese Firms To Produce Its Vision Pro Headset, New Report Confirms

While the US may not be calling China its ally anytime soon, a new report is shedding light on how leading American tech giants heavily rely upon the country for their supplies.

And the perfect example is top iPhone maker Apple which is currently putting heavy reliance on eight Chinese suppliers to help bring its new Vision Pro headset to life.

Clearly, this is proof that there is no chance of the company moving away from the country as so much of its manufacturing is dependent on China.

This seemed to be even more evident when you’ve got huge lists featuring plenty of raw supplies and components that were revealed to the public in the past week when the mixed reality headset came to light.

As per a recently published report by a Chinese outlet, we know that for every little detail including the camera and more- you’re bound to find some sort of link with the country.

Meanwhile, last year in the month of November, we saw how Apple had to face plenty of losses when it put too much trust in a producer from China for its iPhone production. China was reeling was a COVID outbreak and that meant a complete lockdown of the tech industry too.

Yes, the tech giant did manage to transfer some production down to India but still, the effects are worth a mention. It even tried to shift the production of iPads to a country in South Asia.

Meanwhile, a few other suppliers for this product included Samsung and LG who are both based in South Korea. Then we have Japan and Taiwan included too with Sony and Foxconn entering the picture as per a recently published list.

For now, the latest estimates have to do with the costs of plenty of parts for this headset which come to around $1733 and that’s not even 50% of what the final retail price comprises.

Yes, the cost is heavy on the pocket but it does not seem it’s going to be putting down investors, anytime soon. They’re more than keen on making a purchase when the time is right and the product enters the market.

Today, the shares of Apple are not where the firm would ever want them to be and that’s right after this new gadget was unveiled. Meanwhile, a few experts claim that this hardware product may keep on driving up the value of the company to a massive extent.

Just last Tuesday, the shares had shut a mere 0.3% less than what was seen in the past. However, we have to remember that it’s still a staggering 41% greater for the year 2023. And Apple’s approximate estimation is now $2.9 trillion.

For now, the leading iPhone maker is yet to generate any form of response on this matter. But seeing how reliant it is on China is seriously an eye-opener for the world.

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