MrBeast’s Latest Video Racks Up 47 Million Views In Just 24 Hours To Become Second Most Watched Video Of All Time

Top YouTuber MrBeast is a name that’s unknown to none, thanks to the huge amount of fame his content has racked up in such a short period of time.

Recently, the celeb put up a new video on YouTube that attained 48 million views in just one day and yes, that’s a mega record because it’s now hailed as the second most watched video of all time. But what exactly did that content entail that had viewers flocking in herds?

Well, it came with a catchy title and thumbnail that read, ‘$1 vs $1,000,000,000 Yacht’ and that’s where the 25-year-old creator is seen comparing the two. The comparison was rather dramatic as you had one vessel that was sinking and worth just a dollar while another that was luxury personified.

But what really caught people’s attention is the surprise appearance from a line of famous celebs such as comedian Pete Davidson and even Tom Brady!

This man is one that is famous for his very generous heart and fans adore his giveaways because there’s no one quite like him. It’s no wonder why he ranks number three in terms of the most followed content creator on the YouTube platform.

We bet you’re wondering that if he stands at position number two with this video, what is number one. Well, it’s the infamous Oscar slap feud between host Chris Rock and actor Will Smith that managed to edge ahead and we can only imagine why. That content got 50 million views on day one.

But this is not the only content of Mr. Beast that has racked up millions of views in such a short timeframe. Another popular video that you might be aware of is the famous Netflix series that features Squid Game. Currently, that entails 438 million views and it’s basically his own version of the game with people taking part in a real-life version. Thankfully, no lives were lost in this one.

This boat video comprised 15 minutes where the creator showcased several different boats. And as one can imagine, the luxury-themed ones had everything in them. From movie theaters to dining areas and even some complete with helipads too.

He is accompanied at the start by some of his crew members and towards the end, some lucky subscribers get to come on board with him as well. Woah, they must be counting their lucky stars to be given such an opportunity.

Now most of you might be wondering why a video of Mr. Beast managed to get so much attention and hype across the board? Others might be baffled as to why a video featuring yachts would ever be a hit on the YouTube app. After all, it’s not that special.

But you have to understand that portraying the luxe lifestyle in the most mesmerizing manner is not a cup of tea for everyone. Even those that do manage to get it right fail to deliver what MrBeast can and it’s obvious as to why he’s famous for it and others aren’t.

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