Twitter Experiments with Job Posts as Part of New Recruiting Element

Twitter is moving into job postings and applications, with the back-end code of the app now including a new 'Twitter Recruiting' element.

With the launch of a new "Twitter Recruiting" feature, the platform is significantly advancing in job ads and applications. Verified organizations can publish job opportunities directly on their profiles thanks to a functionality currently being added to the app's back-end code.

As a result, businesses can promote job opportunities on Twitter directly, offering businesses a new channel to connect with possible candidates. This feature will allow job postings to be seen on the company's Twitter account and connect to an application page on their website or via a third-party source.

The move is a component of Twitter's larger ambition to develop into a platform that is more than just a social media website and acts as a focal point for interaction and communication between businesses and potential employees.

Recently, the firm has unveiled its dedicated Career Portal, enabling customers to look for employment by area or industry.

Although there are no definite launch dates yet, Twitter Recruiting is still in development mode for now and should soon be accessible. When wholly implemented, this might represent a significant advancement in rapidly and efficiently linking businesses with potential applicants.

Elon Musk is on a quest to turn Twitter into an all-encompassing software called "X," which would permit a variety of features under one roof.

The vision encompasses content hosting, creator revenue sharing, payments, job postings, and dating. This ambitious plan represents a direct challenge to the 'walled garden' approach of apps, which has seen users keep their activities separate across different programs.

Musk aims to replicate the success of Chinese messaging apps like WeChat, leveraging streamlined payments as the backbone of his mega-app. And with Twitter having recently acquired job-matching start-up Laskie, the platform is another step closer to fulfilling Musk's grand vision.

Twitter Recruiting is the platform's first step into launching a job posting feature, offering businesses an efficient and cost-effective way of connecting with candidates. The recruiting process might be streamlined for both companies and candidates thanks to this feature, which could significantly influence job opportunities in the near future. With more advanced capabilities surely on the horizon, Twitter is well-positioned to take the lead in providing employment offers in the next years..

H/T: Nima Owji

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