Good News For YouTube Creators As App Lowers Requirements For Monetization

Making money on social media platforms like YouTube has been a dream for many creators around the globe. And if you happen to be one of them, well, there’s some great news for you.

Google recently announced how the app would be lowering its requirements so more people can gain the benefits of monetization features as well as be granted access to the partnership programs too.

This was first reported by TechCrunch which says that the eligibility criteria are being softened big time. In the past, creators needed to have 1000 subscribers, thousands of watch hours, and even millions of views for their Shorts content. This record was for the past 90 days and as you can imagine, some people were just saddened because it was stringent and meeting the criteria would be close to impossible for so many.

But thanks to the app’s new policy, now the subscriber count has been reduced to just 500 while the watch hours is just 3000 in the last three months. Moreover, three uploads for creator videos must be done in the past three months and that appears to be the new policy to make sure the creator’s channel is indeed active and putting out content on a routine basis.

Those individuals who do fulfill this criteria can attain some mega benefits including monetization offers like Super Chat and even the popular Super Thanks. At the same time, creators can promote merchandise via YouTube Shopping and grab a hold of paid memberships along the way too.

But wait, this offer is available to everyone around the globe just yet. The platform says it’s going to be slowly rolling it out to the masses but for now, it’s restricted to the US, South Korea, Canada, the United Kingdom, and also Taiwan. With time, we’ll be seeing some more nations added to the list at some date that remains under the covers for now.

Furthermore, we saw the company putting out a new line of terms and agreements that need to be fulfilled for their contract. This would need signatures by the 10th of next month.

Meanwhile, those creators that happen to already be a part of YouTube’s partnership program are also going to benefit. This is for those who already entail 20k subscribers and it will allow them to make the most of shopping affiliates that are currently in pilot mode on the app.

They can similarly tag video content like Shorts featuring certain products for sale. And what they get in return is a commission for their hard work.

For now, the endeavor is restricted to those in America and to earn funds on the app, you need to make the right channel that allows for followers to engage with content online. Let’s not forget how great editing is always in demand and the fact that it can be done for free is definitely something worth a mention.

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