Meta Puts Out More Advertising Options For Reels To Assist Brands Amid Tests For Third Party Verification

Tech giant Meta seems to be on a roll these days, thanks to the growing success of its advertising options.

Now, Facebook’s parent firm seems to be working hard to introduce advertising options for Reels on the app that would assist brands in feeling secure and adjusting to how popular such formats turn out to be.

For starters, the company says it’s working hard to make an expansion of advertising options so that more brands could benefit and access such an option.

We saw the company put out ads in the past year for Reels and with time, it vowed to expand on this initiative so that more creators and businesses would flourish and make more revenue. In other words, it would make room for marketers to mingle with the huge popularity that comes with Reels.

And when Reels is slowly but surely turning into a huge focus of Meta’s apps, there’s no reason why this program can’t be a success. Today, the latest stats on this front reveal how people are putting more time into Meta’s apps and watching videos through such means. Similarly, they’re sharing Reels at a staggering rate of 2 billion times in just one day.

So that is almost double the figure that we saw in the past six months. See, the company’s decision of realigning with its algorithm that’s centered around AI recommendations means saying hello to videos produced in a short format. This way, more and more people would stay engaged on the platform.

We’re also seeing posts having links get so much less exposure.

If you’d like to maximize such reach across any app, you’d be focusing more on short videos and making use of Reels as the main medium for conducting promotions as that is what people would value the most.

Similarly, the company has spoken about adding promotions for ads across Reels through both the Instagram and Facebook app while making considerations on this front too.

In other news, the company appears to be busy conducting tests for optimizing must for Reels seen on Facebook. The whole idea is to give users some exciting tools for engagement that would work out well for Reels comprising a single image with advertisements.

As shown through a graphical description, users can now select music that’s for free on the app through the firm’s Sound Collection Library and that would be included as a part of the ad featuring one image.

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