Twitter Increases Its Single Tweet Capacity To 25,000 Characters With Ability To Include Inline Pictures To Long Tweets

If you happen to be a fan of long tweets, well, you might be in luck.

Twitter has rolled out a new capacity limit for long tweets and that includes enhancing the capacity up to 25,000 characters.

It’s quite interesting how this change has arisen at a time when we just saw the capacity limit go up to 10,000 a few months back. But it seems that Twitter was not happy with that call and is now opting to enhance it further to 25,000.

But similar to before, this feature is solely limited to just 25,000 characters on just one tweet.

After tapping the example version of the tweet, you can see what 25,000 characters appear like on a particular tweet and as you can imagine, it’s definitely a lot of scrolling involved.

Additionally, you can see how the app recently launched the ability to include some more inline pictures into the long-form version of tweets and all subscribers on Twitter Blue are getting plenty of access to attain functionality in the past week.

Sources claim that the app is also launching the chance to include inline pictures in long tweets and all subscribers of Twitter Blue would attain access to such functions as early as now.

Now, users will be given the chance to produce blog posts through a unique form of content style and that means pictures get incorporated alongside the text and inside the tweets.

This might be a great chance to get more people to engage on the app and while there is yet to be any such data speaking about how users of the platform are setting out responses to this feature.

We do feel it’s quite annoying the chance to press on a particular tweet and then expand it further. They would then return this to the centralized feed of the app after they’re done reading. This is very true when you happen to be pressing on a particular thread to read but some experts feel it might be a simple shift in behavior. But with time, we can see this becoming something major and people having a lot more time to go through a particular tweet.

Such updates end up lining up with Musk’s vision of the platform undergoing an expansion in its functionality for the app. And it provides a new platform where users can put out new types of content such as both text and videos that are long.

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