Twitter On New Mission To Win Back Its Advertiser Trust As App Makes New Changes To Its Ad Policies

Twitter may not be participating full throttle in this week’s Cannes but one thing is for sure. The company seems to be on a new kind of mission that would bring back its trust in advertisers.

The news comes as the firm gears up to make more changes to the app’s advertising policies.

Moreover, the platform says it’s taking a new kind of decision and trying out all sorts of strategies because it has a new team member on board. She’s CEO Linda Yaccarino and has plenty of experience in the advertising world.

It’s clear that Elon Musk’s own strategies are linked to Twitter and the restoration of its ad policies but they may not have worked out too well in the past and that is what has brought us to it today.

Less than 1% of the users on the platform are Blue Members so they’re not subscribers who pay to use this platform. But what we do know is that the drive right now is to better the pitch and advertising partners through some serious pledges with insights that reassure users that no matter what, the platform is very safe and secure as well as a great way to conduct promotional activity.

For starters, Twitter mentioned how it's going to meet with more industry brand safety standards. They’ll be the right providers of giving users quality assurance on this matter.

Meanwhile, the platform claims it’s going through a major ordeal in terms of looking through some great services that would ultimately provide greater control to advertisers when placing ads across a certain app.

We already know how the company is working by the side of Integral Ad Science and a few others for measurements of ads. And as per independent analysis, most of the ad-related impressions pop up opposite to the content that has been labeled safe as per the GARM safety floor.

To put it more simply, the industry has speculated more about how everything would now be done more transparently and measured through a solo analysis that gives assurance when taking Twitter’s efforts into consideration.

This has witnessed so many advertisers returning to the platform and nearly 75% of the company’s leading advertisers hopping back and forth in terms of more campaigns. We witnessed how this occurred when the app’s leading 100 stopped advertising spending and cited safety concerns as the leader in this regard.

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