Google Provides Innovative Insights On Its Imagen Editor Tool For Text-Guided Photo Edits

Tech giant Google is giving out more insights on its respective Imagen Editor which is an exclusive tool that’s designed to enable inpainting.

For those who might not be aware, this is a unique form of text-guide picture edits where users have to practically edit visuals that are either taken manually or produced through technology. This means you’re saved from redoing an image completely with this endeavor.

On a bigger scale, this Imagen Editor enables users to put out pictures, select regions that they’d like to edit, and then add text prompts for a certain area. Meanwhile, the rest of the image isn’t touched, the Android maker revealed.

One common example that the company provided related to this particular tool was a picture where a dog’s body was on display and it was altered to include a new kind of attire featuring a red-toned spacesuit. On the extreme right, you’ll find a rocked produced from cardboard with the biggest impression being the addition of gaming headphones in the color blue.

On the other hand, we saw Google lay down a few more examples and some more research on the matter. But it’s not launching this Imagen Editor for the public to benefit as it cited major issues in regards to making the best use of AI technology.

In the same way, it was putting out EditBench which is a meaningful way to gauge the quality of models designed to edit pictures.

As far as the practicality of such a feature is concerned, it’s related to the tech giant pointing out how it may enable fast, controllable, and even automatic forms of edits as the best answer when you might be short on time or have a limited budget.

Remember, recreating an image may sound simple but it’s a complex task that consumes so much time, not to mention how it requires a hefty budget.

The news of this tool comes at a time when we’re seeing Google Photos attain a new project called Magic Editor. This is designed to leverage parts of the world of generative AI technology.

As far as products being offered to consumers are concerned, we’re talking about Imagen and more similar models that need to be up for grabs for those making use of Google Slides. But don’t worry as the testing for this feature has started only recently where users can design customized backgrounds for Google Meet.

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