Microsoft Enables Users To Use Its AI Bing Chat For Communication Through Voice Commands

Microsoft is really proving to be a great pioneer in the world of AI as the computational giant was seen announcing a new change for users today.

The company has enabled its AI-powered Bing chat to be used for the sake of communication through voice commands.

And the change is rolling out today, it revealed. So from today onwards, users can press on the microphone in the chat and ask for any queries instead of penning them down.

The company acknowledged through a blog post seen today how it adored making use of voice inputs to conduct chats through smartphones. But now, it hopes to take things to the next level by allowing you to click on a microphone that’s located across the Bing Chat.

For now, the feature is gaining support in a few different languages that include German, Mandarin, English, and French but with time, it hopes to include a wide range of some more languages.

Those who wish to make use of the Bing Chat for replies through their own voices can also do that as the feature provides support for replies that are based upon the text-speech phenomenon.

In case you were still wondering, the Bing Chat innovation that was rolled out today will give out support to all of the user’s responses that entail the text to speech and it would enable people to produce replies to queries in their own tones.

This past week, we saw Microsoft also unveil support for its Image Creator by Bing which is going to be related to all the different chat modes out there that come into play after the complete integration of the AI tool into Bing, last March.

In the same way, we’re hearing more news about how the new Bing Chat can produce more visuals for questions linked to travel that would be rolled out by this week’s start and that would be accompanied by links for details related to Bing Travel.

The figure for turns enabled for one Bing Chat is increased to 30. Previously, it stood at just 20. Moreover, the number of turns carried out each day also saw a major rise, going up to 300.

Such new limits would be applicable to the chats being carried out and it would also be seen for any exchanges taking place in the past after getting stored in the chat history of Bing. Hence, you can go back and visit those places and return to any type of conversation that could have attained a particular limit and ended up continuing from the exact same location that people left off.

Microsoft first unveiled its Bing Chat in February of this year and not a lot of users knew what to expect from the software giant. But after learning more, it’s safe to say that people are in love with this particular version and can’t get enough of the new and exciting features that continue to be unveiled on a daily basis. This entails the most recent option of sidebar chats.

In the same way, we saw the tech giant also include Bing Chat across its Windows 11 search after it unveiled a new Windows update for a feature called Moment 2.

Meanwhile, seven days back, the company said it would be putting an end to support for the popular Cortana app which is a product of Windows. This had to do with the fact that a spot was already taken by a Windows Copilot at the start of the Build Event for 2023.

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