Netflix’s Decision To End Password Sharing May Be Paying Off As Company Sees Surge In Subscriptions

While many may have referred to it as an absolute disaster of a decision, Netflix may really be reeling back into popularity and business after its bold decision to end password sharing.

Let’s face it, most of us never had subscriptions to begin with. But we did have one generous friend or loved one that paid for several others. And just like that, so many people were using the streaming feature for free. And there’s nothing better than that, right?

Now, we’re seeing a massive surge in subscriptions for the popular streaming platform and that’s clear proof of how fans are not willing to let it go, just yet.

The reports come to us thanks to Antenna who recently put together some very interesting statistics about how the most popular streaming service is seeing a surge in subscribers across the US with the crackdown put in place.

Yes, within a span of just six days, it’s an absolute miracle to witness people rushing to regain access to their favorite shows by making an account of their own. And that’s exactly the kind of news and reports that Netflix would wish to hear.

As per this new report, we saw the company undergo its biggest growth in users yet across America, breaking records that were set across a span of 4 to 5 years.

What seems to be even better is how the company managed to rope in a whopping 100k subscribers after it went public with this new crackdown policy of theirs across America, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Moreover, the last time that we came across something like this where a rise in subscribers was talked about was way back in 2020 and that’s when we saw 75k new users open accounts on a daily basis. And yes, the pandemic definitely had something to do with it as more and more users started to stay at home and even work from their residences. It was similar to a new form of entertainment if you ask us.

Moreover, such a huge figure for new subscribers caused a mega 102% rise in the app’s sign-ups as well. And that happens to be a figure that rose during stressful times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So despite all the hate and criticism and negative publicity that it may have received, we’re seeing the company really reap benefits big time as its policy is doing wonders. But remember, this particular report by Antenna does not take into account data in places other than those regions enlisted so we’re not sure how the rest of the world would take the news.

But by the looks of the way that trends are arising, it just might as well do great in other regions too, and even if that does not happen immediately, it would arise with time.

We’re seeing a similar trend arise in regions like Canada where a crackdown against password sharing had citizens rush to make their own accounts.

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