ChatGPT May Have Launched Like A Rocket But It’s Declining In Growth As Google Bard Records Great Performance

ChatGPT launched into the tech world with a bang and boy did it take many experts by surprise.

It was not long before the world became familiar with the incredible tool that managed to attain a whopping growth in such a short span of time.

But new stats claim the law of gravity seems to have finally caught up with the popular offering by OpenAI and now, we’re seeing a much slower growth than before. What could the reason be? Well, it does not take rocket science to remember that Google’s Bard has been rolled out to the masses and while the initial period of success was slow and steady, things are quickly picking up the pace and we’re saying hello to mega sales with promising future results.

Today, ChatGPT has reached 1.8 billion visits from all over the world, thanks to recently published stats from SimilarWeb for the month of May. This is certainly so much more than the success witnessed by Microsoft Bing, despite it being rolled out a while back.

Remember, ChatGPT was first launched in November end. But let’s not forget the figure outlined above includes totals that entail repeats by similar people. You will find another special count for visitors that isn’t launched yet.

Moving on to the likes of Google Bard, well, this AI-powered chatbot saw a whopping 142 million people visit the endeavor last month and that’s almost 50 million more than the previous month.

Now Bard as well as Bing are both free of cost and they’re providing great benefits in terms of good access and more accurate and relevant data than your usual ChatGPT as it’s built across leading search engines.

The ChatGPT tool was attracting a whopping 1.8 billion visits from all over the place and when you look at the breakup per day for April and May, you’ll find little to no difference which means growth was stagnant.

It’s all very interesting because Google was so hesitant to introduce any AI chatbot, despite other leading tech giants taking over the tech world. On that note, the firm’s engineers sat down and opted to launch a new product that would really serve as major competition for others.

While some called it a rushed product, others were skeptical. And it was not until the month of May that we saw it get expanded to the world and also to Google’s own search engine and various other services.

Now the real question is linked to whether or not the decline in ChatGPT’s growth is something OpenAi should be worried about or not?

We feel the company has now reached a point in time where a lot of profit is related to API deals such as the ones related to Microsoft instead of traffic linked to the webpage of ChatGPT.

For now, OpenAI is yet to shed light on the costs linked to running this service but estimates from the external world say it’s close to $700,000 each day. And when you’ve got some users paying for a Plus variant at just $20 each month, the figure does not dramatically cause a fall in costs, despite what the firm may have hoped for.

Whatever the case may be, OpenAI does not seem to be too worried. It is making the most of this service to produce more awareness and allow more commercial deals to be accessed to all the various types of APIs across the board.

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