Facebook’s Parent Firm Removes Content From Its Apps Across Canada

At the start of June, we saw Facebook’s parent firm reveal through a blog post that it had the intention to get rid of news posts from its apps in Canada.

We were not too sure how and when something of this sort would be implemented but by the looks of it, it’s happening now.

The news comes as the company announced today through a blog post that no more news would be served for users in Canada through Meta’s Facebook and Instagram apps. But they also revealed how this would be permanent when and if the country’s government passed the Online News Act. Remember, we saw how on Thursday, one member of the Canadian Parliament managed to do that and in just a few hours, the company says that it is going full throttle on its threat.

Today, we’re hearing more about how the end of news availability on Meta’s apps is near and that’s before the bill comes into effect. Moreover, they’re repeatedly sharing how no news content would be accessed by Canadian citizens when the act gets passed by the Canadian parliament as of today’s date.

This form of law is made to address the huge drop in advertising funds for Canada’s news firms that continue to feel the pressure of a drop in revenue from a lack of ads being displayed through such means.

Tech giants like Google and Meta have been opposing the bill since day one. They feel that it is unfair to give a share of their profits to Canadian media outlets that earn way more than the small fraction provided to either of these firms.

But Canada claims this new online new law is created to address such a fall in revenue of advertising when it comes down to news agencies in the country. They’ve gone through a lot in the past two years and this seems to be a way for the nation to help them out.

No matter how promising this justification might seem to us, it’s not going to work on others like Meta who says that it’s not standing back from its claims and has made the necessary move that’s in its best interest.

At the start of June, the tech giant had already unveiled how it was busy trying to create more solutions regarding software so that it could better combat this issue of C-18. And till now, such efforts are still taking place and would affect a small chunk of the country’s users.

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