Malicious Emails Detected By Workers With New Generation AI Tool's Assistance

In the ongoing battle against scam emails, IRONSCALES, an email security platform, has introduced Themis Co-pilot for Microsoft Outlook. This innovative AI tool, now available in beta, leverages OpenAI's GPT models to provide chat assistance within the email client, empowering users to identify suspicious items in their inboxes effectively.

In the face of an escalating danger posed by Business Email Compromise (BEC) and phishing attacks, conventional email security solutions find themselves confronted with increasingly sophisticated tactics employed by cybercriminals. Extensive research conducted by IRONSCALES sheds light on a startling revelation, an anticipated surge of 43% in BEC attacks within the current year. This alarming projection underscores the urgent requirement for resilient defense mechanisms capable of combatting these evolving threats effectively. As these malicious activities continue to proliferate, it becomes imperative for organizations to adopt robust and proactive security measures to safeguard their digital assets and confidential information.

IRONSCALES highlights that human susceptibility plays a crucial role in becoming targets of phishing attacks. This assertion is substantiated by the 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), which reveals that the majority of breaches, approximately 75%, can be attributed to human mistakes.

To address this issue, Themis Co-pilot has been developed to provide all individuals, regardless of their security expertise, with the ability to identify fraudulent and malicious emails. Through active interaction with the AI solution, individuals have the ability to inquire about suspicious emails, obtain immediate information, and securely notify possible threats. This empowers users to enhance their email security measures.

One key advantage of Themis Co-pilot is its ability to reduce false positive reports, enabling security teams to allocate their time more efficiently. As users confidentially report security threats, the AI tool utilizes the power of machine learning to automatically identify comparable threats in subsequent instances.

Themis Co-pilot stands as a remarkable testament to the accomplishments of Themis AI, widely acknowledged as the trailblazing AI-based security analyst in the industry. Building upon this foundation, Themis Co-pilot capitalizes on an extensive repository of data sourced from millions of users, enabling it to adopt a proactive approach in combatting potential security breaches. Through the utilization of reinforcement learning techniques, guided by valuable human feedback (RLHF), Themis Co-pilot continuously refines its threat detection capabilities, bolstering its effectiveness and adaptability. This seamless integration of advanced technologies and real-world insights ensures that organizations are equipped with a cutting-edge defense mechanism that evolves alongside the ever-changing threat landscape. By harnessing the power of data-driven intelligence, Themis Co-pilot serves as a vital ally in safeguarding digital assets and preserving the integrity of sensitive information.

The CEO of IRONSCALES, Eyal Benishti, underscored the importance of Themis Co-pilot, highlighting its capacity to empower users with varying levels of expertise to strengthen their capability in identifying and thwarting attacks, all while maintaining simplicity and cost-effectiveness for their organizations.

By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, IRONSCALES aims to provide individuals with an invaluable tool to combat the ever-evolving threat landscape. With Themis Co-pilot, users can bolster their email security defenses and proactively thwart attacks, contributing to a safer digital environment for all.

In conclusion, IRONSCALES' Themis Co-pilot represents a groundbreaking solution in the battle against scam emails. This innovative AI tool empowers users of all levels to effectively detect and prevent attacks while ensuring simplicity and cost-effectiveness for organizations. By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, IRONSCALES is committed to creating a safer digital environment and strengthening email security defenses.

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