Amazon In Hot Waters As FTC Sends Lawsuit For Forceful Prime Program Subscriptions Without Consent

The FTC has accused Amazon of taking on customers into its Prime program without asking for their consent. And now, it’s opting to sue them legally for this shocking behavior.

The regulatory committee went into detail about how the shocking behavior is just uncalled for and that makes it all the more difficult for clients of Amazon to cancel any subscriptions.

In the complaint that was filed on Wednesday, the FTC says it accused Amazon of carrying out actions that it felt were not in line with its own policies. It further went on to add that this was like cheating of the worst kind and knowing that Amazon Prime was getting forceful subscriptions like this is just wrong, it continued.

Special emphasis was put on the FTC and how it would describe the entire Amazon checkout process and present clients with more options to provide subscriptions for it. And that made it all the more difficult to get rid of this purchase.

Meanwhile, the commission also claims that the firm forced clients to enter into a range of unnecessary steps that would make the whole process of canceling subscriptions a daunting affair.

Remember, Amazon’s actions are definitely shady and not loved for obvious reasons. Not adding consent is seriously frustrating to some people but there is more. It’s really costing so much money and that’s not okay.

So to help keep the firm at bay and prevent other customers from suffering in a similar manner, such manipulation is being called harmful for obvious reasons.

The FTC adds how it provided Amazon with so many chances to stop this behavior and rethink its patterns of enrolling more people on board. However, it chose to ignore the warnings and not bring about any form of change.

A statement that was sent out to The Verge saw one person from Amazon reveal how the FTC’s statements are false and not based on things like facts or even the laws arising. Amazon does not accept these allegations and wants the world to know that no customer is forced to do anything against their own will.

The entire process has been called out as being transparent so that people can read the terms and conditions before applying for it. So signing up and canceling is no longer a task for anyone, they added.

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