Apple Releases New Patch To Thwart Bizarre Spyware Infecting Russian iPhones

Tech giant Apple has opted to roll out a new patch that would prevent the negative effects of spyware that continues to infect its devices in Russia.

Therefore, the company opted to roll out this new patch that would stop this spyware from infecting other iOS-leading devices. This includes MacOS, iPhone, and the watchOS.

Three weeks have gone by since the top anti-virus firm Kaspersky ended up putting out details regarding it in the public eye. This type of triangulation spyware can be found on a few dozen devices that belong to the firm.

Today, such spyware is getting noticed and ringing alarm bells among experts because it may infect devices via dangerous texts that are sent through messages. But remember, no form of interaction from anyone is required.

We can see how the tech giant is producing a lot of patch notes that clearly indicate how this particular spyware is quite dominant and can carry out exploitation against any weakness across the company’s software.

Hence, so many apps can produce arbitrary codes that have kernel privileges and that would tamper the main part of any operating system.

We similarly saw the spyware take advantage of another flaw from the past that could be found across older variants of the iOS 15 and that was linked to WebKit. The latter is the name reserved for Safari’s browser.

From what reports have suggested so far, tech giant Apple has gone as far back as the iPhone model 6S in terms of issuing patches. But now, more reports are linked to the evolution of another spyware called Triangulation. It certainly does vary quite a bit from other types of spyware linked to firms having to do with commercial surveillance. One of the most common examples out there today is related to the NSO group that hails from Israel.

Another report by Kaspersky also went on to add that Triangulation may end up exploiting this iOS kernel to attain more benefits. It would then end up putting out the right spyware implants which carry out operations in a device’s memory tank that’s called RAM.

This means all of the traces of such implants would end up getting lost whenever you see a device getting rebooted.

Apple says it took the firm a while to put together plenty of evidence related to the functions of spyware.

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