Adobe Contributors Express Dismay Over New Firefly AI Tool And Accuse It Of Using Their Images For Training

This past week, we saw the shares for Adobe reach new heights of success when it launched a successful AI image generation tool called FireFly.

The new platform was much awaited and people were anticipating a lot from it. Moreover, the company adds how training was done across millions of images called stock pictures which are reportedly featured in the platform’s own library.

It added that there were no copyright restrictions involved here but a new report is suggesting otherwise. This is where plenty of contributors on Adobe accused the firm of making use of their pictures for the sake of training and they were not at all happy with that behavior.

Clearly, it’s like a big slap in the company’s face that has been bragging about the entire generative AI map that would ensure products of Adobe are certainly more attainable to a huge universe of individuals.

This means dramatically increasing the productivity of clients from the figure that was seen in the past. But with more negativity and drama arising from all directions, it’s just bizarre.

Those registering complaints against the firm are in the 300 million categories for pictures and all other types of content that keep on getting training on Firefly’s model. Hence, as expected, people are not too happy about the news.

A few creators even went as far as mentioning how this is a whole crime because Adobe never took permission in terms of laying down consent or notification in this matter.

We can well see how this might be a huge issue for other leading tech firms like DALL-E2 and some more companies. But when it comes down to firms like Adobe, it’s a huge deal and it can really cost them big time. After all, we’re not playing games here. We’re talking about copyrights linked to pictures.

Creators of Adobe Stock claim Firefly is really getting popular and that means people wouldn’t be as likely to buy stock pictures when they can make it through this means. Today, the figure for images made from Firefly stands at a whopping 200 million

Meanwhile, Photoshop users are putting out more than 150 million pictures in the initial two weeks and it’s all powered through this means. So that shows how popular of an option this has turned out to be.

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