Big Tech Firms Know UK Citizens Prioritize Other Things Over Online Security And They’re Exploiting Them

Online services are turning into a pivotal aspect of so many individuals’ lives. Moreover, you’ll be shocked at the number of people who prioritize other things over keeping themselves safe online.

And the reason is less about them not caring and more related to how they’ve got no clue on how to do this in a manner that’s effective and really works.

Today, the world wide web continues to grow in an exponential manner and scandals linked to the handling of users’ data are at a new high. For instance, Meta’s newest $1.3 billion scandal had most of us think twice about how integral component privacy has turned out to be, not to mention a fundamental right worth a mention.

The reality of the matter is that huge tech firms continue to design business models by extracting data of users through online means and it’s not uncommon to see them be guilty of the act.

Now the question of the matter is that citizens are not quite aware of things taking place in the outside world and by that, we mean digital lives. Hence, you can’t help but wonder how seriously they consider online privacy.

Remember, you might be aware of all sorts of VPN services such as Proton, and people in the UK were recently quizzed on the matter and how they were really taking up means to eliminate the risks of security.

So many Brits were super concerned regarding online surveillance but failed to have the right knowledge and understanding of tools that would offer the right protection.

Big tech firms like Google and even Meta are famous for taking on huge piles of data collection and doing it with so much ease. We are well aware of how so many firms may monitor anything done by online users. Yet, they’re continuing to take on such services for obvious reasons.

As the CEO for Proton mentioned recently, the thought of such an invasion being done inside our own homes or personal lives would never be tolerated. But for whatever strange and bizarre ordeal, we’re putting up with the actions online and that’s even more concerning.

Other research reports show a massive discrepancy in terms of an individual’s attitude regarding online privacy and also what is done off the web.

To attain a clearer understanding of this matter, we saw researchers at VPN service provider Proton put their minds together and unveil a survey that took on board nearly 2080 adults from the UK.

More than 77% of individuals were very worried about online privacy and two-thirds of them spoke about how they would rather lose access to their national ID or passport than email ID.

Among the things that most people were worried about the most, it was actually financial data, details for a login, and personal ID data as well. Those getting hacked had put out more concerns than the rest regarding online privacy.

The results proved that 69% didn’t get how such online activities led to data exposure while more than 50% feel it’s wrong for services that are free to make profits using such data.

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