YouTube Tests Barring Users From The App Who Have Ad Blockers In Place

Whether you love it or not, ads make the internet a free space for all to use. And at the same time, they provide content creators the chance to make some money by being supported by such ads.

But thanks to the invention of ad blockers, many users feel great when they no longer have to face the constant nuisance of ads popping up all the time. However, leading social media platforms such as YouTube don't plan on sitting still and not doing anything about the situation.

Thanks to one eagle eye Redditor on the YouTube platform, the company is not setting forward trials that bar all those users who have ad blockers enabled. He revealed a new pop-up by the app that claims ad blockers would not be tolerated on the platform.

Therefore, all videos would be barred from being streamed until and unless the user of the app would disable the feature or would sign up for its Premium subscription. In case you’re wondering about the latter, it has to do with allowing people to watch content on the app without any ads disturbing. It’s like an incentive you get after paying more for Premium.

We won’t lie, but this message was certainly a huge surprise to many people including us. For years, the firm has failed to address the concerns linked to ad blockers and today, they’re rolling out a new message that features how ads on the app would help it stay free for all, including the billions of users located globally.
Employees at YouTube also confirmed how the moderation team is calling this just a trial and it’s just a test for blocking those having ad blockers in place. Whether or not it actually happens, well, time will tell. But it’s definitely in the pipeline.

But the question is are we really surprised? Well, it’s not rocket science in terms of seeing why the company may end up enforcing such rules, to begin with. So many ad blockers are causing major forms of revenue to be stripped away from content that pays for a large amount of storage and bandwidth needed to produce it.

However, that does not take us away from the fact that users are getting quite frustrated with ads too. The company has really bombarded content with so many ads in the past five years. And the premium version of the app certainly does not come cheap for those viewing the platform occasionally at a staggering $10 each month.

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