Google Rolls Out New Safety And Privacy Updates For Its Products Including A Spam Folder On Drive

Google’s much anticipated I/O 2023 event took place yesterday and the company was all geared up to launch a series of exciting updates for its products.

The company made it very clear how it is prioritizing safety and privacy for all of its users across different products. And that included a new spam folder that would be allocated to Google Drive.

The tech giant says users would find the feature aligned on the side of their Drive sidebar and it just made it so much simpler to review and separate such files. Moreover, it’s quite similar to Gmail and would end up classifying content in an automatic manner using both spam and abusive material.

Similarly, users can also end up doing such things in a manual manner for Google Drive, Docs, Sites, Forms, Slides, and Sheets, the company adds.

When there is some kind of unsolicited file that’s moved toward the fold of spam, users would be unsubscribed automatically and that would hinder all comments, shares, and mobile alerts regarding the file. After getting unsubscribed, users cannot find any file present inside Drive that’s located out of the spam folder.

Meanwhile, after a span of just one month in this spam folder, all such documents would be removed forever from the Drive, it adds. This would be up for grabs from across the website, Drive on Desktop, as well as for both iOS and Android users. Moreover, the rollout begins today for different accounts and would be coming out at a later date for things like Workspace.

When you go back to the month of March, Google One was seen gaining the dark web for things like monitoring subscribers. Such a scan would be coming toward Gmail IDs too. And it means that users having a Gmail account across the US could now run scans to see if the Gmail ID pops up. And in cases where it happens, you get tips on what can be done. Hence, such a feature would even get international expansion soon, it confirmed.

Google is also making some changes to its Maps feature by enabling users to delete all sorts of recent searches and just simply entering the Web and App Activity. It’s quite similar to Google Search where you simply long-press on any question found on the list.

Meanwhile, regarding the results of Google Search, users would see it being paired with the likes of ‘About this Image’. This is designed to assist in evaluating how authentic and reliable the visual images are that are seen online. Similarly, such a tool is designed to see if there is an image indexed by the search engine, which is actually where it popped up initially and where it can be seen online.

This can be seen when mentioned across the news, some social media platforms, or even a website designed for the sake of fact-checking.

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