Twitter Is Finally Launching Encrypted DMs But It’s Restricted To Verified Users Only

Twitter is staying true to its much-anticipated promise of launching encrypted DMs.

The tech giant mentioned how the launch does come with its fair share of limitations and that might make it all the less appealing for those conscious about privacy on the popular app.

For starters, the rollout would only be for verified users on the platform and that includes all Blue members that are a part of the Verified Organization. But right now, it’s not quite clear if that is limited to the initial rollout or whether or not this feature would be a part of the long list of exclusive features for those having the glorious and exclusive tick mark.

In case you are not aware, encrypted chats require users to have verification as per the company’s requirements. There are some major limitations of this feature too.

For instance, it does not have any support for group messages or other types of media other than the usual links. Meanwhile, the firm also does not enable users to make reports of encrypted messages through direct means too. So those seeking help need to report such accounts if they come across issues with participants on encrypted chats.

Lastly, the level where encryption stands seems to be a little less secure than what other platforms are putting out on offer. For example, the metadata for the message isn’t encrypted.

And the app also noted how they’re not providing any form of privacy against attacks carried out by middlemen. Moreover, the app can still gain entry to users’ DMs that are encrypted without anyone knowing.

So if there was a need to eavesdrop on an encrypted chat featuring a Twitter user then it could be done with ease without anyone noticing, the app unveiled on its Help Page. That’s great in terms of transparency but really bad in terms of privacy.

Twitter also mentioned how hard it is working on making such great improvements that would turn such exploitable situations into something that’s rather difficult to achieve.

We need to take notice of that news because it clearly falls short of the usual practices of Twitter owner Musk who has expressed time after time how keen he is to include encryption for DMs on the app. He wants it to be hard for the firm to gain access to users’ encrypted messages, even if a gun is added to their heads.

It’s shocking and interesting to see how the firm’s own security engineer acknowledged this news as a major shortcoming on the app’s part and agreed that they are not where they should be while acknowledging it as a major void that they hope to work upon.

Nevertheless, the app is giving its verified users the chance to try the feature if they’d like by going to the info menu when you’re taking part in a particular DM.

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