Twitter Tries To Regain Developers’ Trust By Launching A Costly API Tier For Startups

Elon Musk has been struggling in terms of getting more and more people on board to pay for their Blue Subscription.

While we wouldn’t deem it to be a huge success, it surely did bring in plenty of revenue across the board for the company. But again, those who did not wish to subscribe and attain the exclusive features opted against making any payments.

But now, we’re hearing more news about the company’s API endeavors that are designed to make startup developers happy when Musk first made it public. We're seeing the firm announce another startling decision of unveiling a new feature for developers called the Pro Tier.

It comes at a staggering cost of $5000 each month and falls into one of the most sought-after plans for the firm. But what exactly will it provide is a question on many people’s minds.

The firm says the new tier would be providing a lot of access to the huge number of retrieved tweets and the massive 300k posted ones that are seen on the platform today. In the same way, it would include some filtered streams taking place in real-time while adding another exciting archive search. And the latter would entail a long list of historical tweets.

Last, but not least, it hopes to include three different app IDs and even enable Logins through the app’s access points along the way.

The $5000 pricing plan for firms wishing to experiment and upscale their brands really does leave a huge pricing gap between this and the tier below it, which is priced at just $100 a month.

As one can imagine, the dilemma here is that brands are having trouble making the right decision. They do not know what to do when you’ve got a plan that’s cheap but does not offer much and then on the other extreme, you’ve got a pricier plan offering something that is great but at a cost that’s beyond so many people’s budgets.

Clearly, Twitter should have put in more thought into this and as we speak, people are raising their voices on how the imbalance is very strong and hard to ignore.

The sudden API changers have put out a really bumpy ride as so many developers want greater access to the firm’s data but paying so much has not made them happy with the news and now this.

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