Microsoft Calls For Stricter AI Control Including Allocating Government Agencies For This Purpose

Tech Giant Microsoft is not happy with the way AI is taking over the world at an alarming rate with no checks and balances in place.

The computational leader says it wants the US and other nations to step to the plate and take responsibility for what is taking place and ensure adequate regulation and control of AI.

Similarly, it put up the idea of allocating the right government agencies to tackle the matter.

The news was put out by the company’s Brand Smith who is Microsoft’s President. He mentioned it all in a massive 41-page long report that was published today. Moreover, it was interesting to see how strongly he felt about the negative influence of AI and how it might be disrupting the community through the likes of deepfakes as well as removing jobs that were once solely designed to be carried out by human power.

A lot of this regulation may arise via agencies and even the courts as they require the necessary skill to better comprehend the current laws in the AI domain. But even then, the biggest flaw remains to be the lack of regulation that should arise by the next decade.

He feels the need is there to create the right laws in place with the right regulations for the current models and only that can be achieved when government-based agencies step in.

To control such AI systems, Microsoft feels that new rules should come forward and also more licenses that enable the most qualified data centers and labs to run such models based on AI technology.

The news comes as the company fears a lot of tight rules and regulations arising from the EU which appears to be moving at a faster pace than other nations in terms of regulating AI. They are even launching a new AI act to combat this but it’s all in the process of being done right now.

Microsoft says that complying with so many different regulations from different places is just not possible. But whatever the case may be, they are going to work hard and try to comply with operations in this part of the world.

In case they can’t oblige, they’ll just need to cease operations which is definitely not recommended at this particular point in time.

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